Wednesday 10 July 2013

WOW: On The Road

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays  

I'm currently on the road
'Where to?'  
To Brisbane, to see the V&A Quilt Exhibition
Exploring over 200 years of British quilt making
Exhibition organised by the Victoria & Albert Museum, London
I wasn't going to go, Brisbane is far away and it's a big chunk of time to lose, but since starting Love Entwined I feel compelled to see what I can of the era's quilts so that I can visualise amongst real quilts of the era what I think I saw when I spent so much time studying the original. I just had to find the time and go. I need to see these quilts myself, and most importantly, their authentic fabrics with my own eyes and this exhibition (which baffles me) isn't coming to Melbourne!

Since I launched Love Entwined, it's interesting how much Georgian I keep coming across. Like this hotel room, selected randomly as we drove. Of course, its the "Georgian Suite!" I think the only Georgian thing about it is the inspired green wall here.
Can't wait to see this exhibit and let you know what I think, fabric wise.
 WOW is extra early today as I will be on the road and out of wifi range.
What's Your WOW ?



  1. I think I have all my fabrics now for making Love Entwined - but one never knows. I got my package of Japanese Taupes yesterday to add to the ones I already have.
    Love the quilt that you show at the top of your post.

  2. Have a great and safe trip, Esther!

  3. Have a wonderful time, Esther. I am sure you will enjoy it!

  4. Hope you have a great time!!

  5. Hope you have a wonderful time with a lot beautiful quilts!
    groet Ineke

  6. Safe journey Esther, and enjoy all the beautiful quilts.


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