Saturday 13 July 2013

Part 2 Printing Notes

Part 2 will be released on the 15th.
With all the activity over in the group since this BOM launched I want to remind everyone of the simple and effective steps you can take to ensure your pattern prints completely and accurately

Please read the Printing Tutorial above
by clicking on the image

Also, please ensure that you have the latest PDF reader and that it is updated. You can download Adobe's latest PDF reader for FREE. Every month I hear from members who's printing issues were resolved just by updating their PDF Reader software.

Remember that the pattern is available, free, for 30 days, so if there is a file rush over in the group, try again later.

I definitely recommend, with our current volumes, that you "save" rather than "open" the file to your own computer as some members found that pages were lost when they simply 'opened' the file and this could have been due to memory lapses due to high demand and usage. So, download the pattern to a location on your computer and then print from your saved file.

Please read the Printing Tutorial listed here because every month I get the same emails: so many PDF readers automatically 're-scale' documents and this can be adjusted so easily and save you so much "inch square test" difficulties.

A few minutes reading now may save you irritation with your home copier later


  1. Luckily I had no problems with the printing.
    I hope you had a wonderful time at the V&A Quilt Exhibition.

  2. Thank you, Esther. While I've not had any printing problems, it is always best to review before going farther into any project. I've learned so much already!

  3. Me gustaria participar en este bom pero no entiendo el ingles y no se que hay que


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