Thursday, 18 July 2013

Which Applique Book?

I'm an applique enthusiast, and Love Entwined 1790 Marriage Coverlet is a real applique enthusiast's quilt. There's just so much applique to be done that I can't wait to get stuck in.

Since launching the BOM however, I've had a lot of requests for applique advice and book recommendations. There are thousands of applique books on the market and I certainly haven't read them all. Coincidentally, I've been thinking a lot about 'core' books lately. Firstly because I've been minimising my sewing studio and giving away many books I didn't need. And secondly as a reference guide for my own DDs.

When I started quilting, I already had years of fabric experience and a specific skill set so I approached techniques and methods in a certain way. But I'm always taken aback when my DDs see what I'm doing and ask 'what are you doing?' it made me realise that I wanted to find a definitive guide to applique for them (because, who actually listens to their mum?).

These are my top two books and I believe these are the only two books you need to create applique and have bought 2x sets, one for each DD. I know that if they ever want to get into applique at any point in their lives, this is all they will need. Everything else comes from practice and perseverance.

If you're making Love Entwined and you're feeling a bit lost, stop what you're doing, buy these two books and I guarantee that all will become clear to you

ISBN 13: 9781607054801
ISBN 10: 1607054809
I have a real soft spot for this book because it was the first one which had me saying, 'thats exactly how I do it' throughout each page and my DD instantly recognised techniques in there as ones she's seen me doing. So, it's a perfect pass down book for me. The only down side is that my DD is in love with all the projects in there which means her first quilt probably won't be one of mine!
I use the Book Depository a lot for well priced books and free worldwide shipping.
Well, I used to, I've really slowed down my book buying
as I ended up with overhwelmed bookshelves.
ISBN 13: 9780972121828
ISBN 10: 097212182X
This is just a really great beginners book for knowing how to make everything by hand

Do you have a favourite applique book?
If you're an applique enthusiast who can recommend any great applique technique books, please do, in the comments.


  1. Funny I just bought simply successful applique and it is being delivered tomorrow. I also purchased back-basting applique by eikmeier.

  2. I am using a book by Janet Pittman . Applique Basics and Beyond. Lots of pictures and tips! Currently working on a project from the book... read about it on my blog if you like.

  3. like you I have been doing hand work for years - I have the Jinny Beyer book and have always loved her hand piecing techniques - I can't really think of what books pointed me in the right direction though for applique - I will have to give my shelves a look over

  4. I really love Jinny Beyer's book and recommend it to everyone I come across that shows the slightest interest :) the other one is new to me.

  5. While I don't have a favorite book at the moment, I have found a lot of help with some of the videos posted about applique. Here's one that answered a lot of questions for me by Becky Goldsmith: I'll look into the one you posted, Esther.

  6. My favourite applique books have been those by Elly Sienkiewicz, but recently I have not really used any. The first one you mentioned looks good, I might have to order that.....

  7. My favourite applique book and the one I learnt the most from is 'Perfect Hand Applique' by Liuxin Newman it also comes with a DVD. I've also learnt so much from tutorials on blogs such as Erin Russek's 'One Piece at a Time' and Carrie's 'A Passion for Applique'.

  8. I just orderd the book "simply successful applique". I will be a great help for me.
    My batk fabris has had a great shower and is dry now, so I can start whit the compass.
    Good to see that so many already have made part 1. They are all beuatifull.

    Nice weekend to all off you,

    Wilma, from Ede, Nederland

  9. I learned to appliqué from "The Appliqué Handbook" by Piece O'Cake Designs. They just came out with a new version. They are really good! Their "Welcome to the North Pole" was my first appliqué project.
    As for hand piecing, I love Linda Franz's "Quilted Diamonds" and "Quilted Diamonds, Vol. 2" and I also have Jenny Beyer's book.

  10. For absolute beginners, I also like Elly Sienkiewicz's book, Applique 12 Easy Ways.

  11. I am so new at appliqué I must order one of these.
    I am learning so much from you.
    Hugs Bunny

  12. I must admit to becoming a much stronger hands pieced quilter after reading jinny Beyer's book, she made Y junctions so easy with her methods, if I had to choose one book from my 100's LOL to take with me it would be hers, I must reread it at least 2 or 3 times a year. Glenda

  13. I didn't have any books on applique but there are 3 on the way ...
    first: simply successful applique (thanks for the suggestion)
    second: back-basting applique step by step (did something with this method and I like it)
    and my third book I orderd is a book that I wanted for a long time: the fabric of society from Annette Gero, can't wait to hold this one in my hand.

  14. Esther I ordered Jeanne Sullivan's book and dvd and love it immensely. I love three dimensional work, and this book has gone a step beyond. I just finished Hearts and Hugs and now I am setting it up to hand quilt. Thank-you for the suggestion. I have always been a fan of Jenny Beyer and have almost all of her books, but my first love is applique. I am a great fan of yours for your creativity and challenges. You are so very talented.

  15. Jeanne Sullivan's book is fantastic, AND the author is so generous and kind. I posted questions about applique dilemmas I was having on a Yahoo applique forum, and she reached out to me personally via email with lengthy explanations and directions. Thank you for these book recommendations, by the way. I find that there are two main categories of quilting books out there. One kind tends to oversimplify things in order to encourage beginners to tackle simple projects without getting information overload and getting discouraged. Simply Successful Applique is the better kind, introducing methods and techniques that open up a whole world of possibilities for those who have the patience and willingness to learn.


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