Monday 22 July 2013

I'm Around Here...Somewhere....

Here I am outside the exhibition holding a notebook for notes; armed and ready!
Given that it's been over a week since I returned from Brisbane I thought I'd finally share my thoughts on the exhibition. It was a great eye opener. My main draw was to compare quilts of the late 1700's because of the influence Love Entwined has had on me.
I wanted to see some similar era quilts and get a feel for the period. I didn't see many quilts with what I supposed a typical  'Georgian' colour scheme would look like - the fabrics were a lot more muted (I mean colour value, not fading due to age) and scrappy than even I expected (and I did expect a lot of scrappy style quilts). However I don't mean to imply that this lowered their value in my eyes - it didn't. Many were accomplished and beautiful.
I would have loved to show you all the quilts on exhibition - it was a fascinating range and every quilter I know who went along was overall very glad that they did.
It did help me to re-evaluate what the fine marriage coverlet would have looked like...and for this, the drive and effort to see the exhibition was definitely worthwhile. So what do I think the coverlet would have looked like, colour wise? A scrappy with lots of print fabrics ranging in values of dark  backgrounds and lighter backgrounds - which is exactly what Averil Colby describes in the book 'Patchwork". But seeing other quilts of the era helped place it much more firmly in my mind.
I know someone mentioned that no green fabric was around in Georgian England however I have been advised that there certainly was green fabric available - it just doest seem to have been used much in quilts. This limited edition print fabric was all that was left in the gift shop when I was there - a big disappointment as I secretly harboured ideas of stocking up on period fabric. As it was, I left with the last bundle pictured here.
I purchased the Exhibition's accompanying book "Quilts" and was surprised to realise (when I got home) that the quilts listed inside do not include quilt size measurements. Which I almost can't comprehend as being possible. I only wish I'd noticed sooner as I would have gone back in and manually added all the sizes inside my book for reference, they were actually listed next to the quilts on show. It seems a major oversight and I wonder what the reason is?
Overall, the exhibition has changed my mindset and I am much more keen to use more fabrics than I first considered 'too scrappy', I don't think 'too scrappy' is possible for this quilt.

I'm back home, and since my accident and dramatic end to my trip, I haven't done any quilting or sewing at all. This is me at the dining table - what a mess! This is me collating the pattern for some ladies who don't go online. They were worried that they might miss out. I assured them that not being Internet savvy means that they're more likely be ahead! I spend as much time on the computer these days than I do quilting. It's such a (necessary?) distraction!
I'm hobbling around the house at the moment and still not up to staying in one spot for very long. I'm a few hundred emails behind and I still have unpacking to do, but at the moment I'm recovering. Everything else will have to wait.
Love Entwined where are you?? For those of you who have been emailing me questions about the fine marriage coverlet; I don't have any news: rest assured, as soon as I know anything it will be posted up here on my blog for everyone to know. I know there's too many interested parties out there to keep any of you waiting a moment longer than necessary!When I know, you'll know. I just hope that there will be something to know. I feel as impatient about it as you do.
I'm planning at this stage to be at Showcase later this week (doing what I can from a seated position) so I know I'll be catching up with many of you.
See you there!


  1. I too was disappointed that the book didn't have measurements, but you can search the V & A collections to get all the info, I did that with my Welsh Quilt that I am recreating. Search for 'quilts' or more specifically here :

  2. Hope you are feeling some better rest and try to not over do for awhile!

  3. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better Esther !
    What a surprise that they haven't much green at that time... oh well ... in my quilt there is going to be a lot of greens LOL

  4. Don't worry about us... we can wait... It's more important that you recover and get well...

  5. Yes, they did have greens and quite bright greens as well e.g. A lime green. People are always surprised at how bright the fabrics were and how contemporary to the 21st century they are. For example was the Julia Southcott quilt on display? The fabrics have very 21st century stars printed on very bright blocks of colour

    Take care re: the fabrics you bought, they are "modern" interpretations and the prints are not as accurate as you think, indeed all of the prints are larger than the original. So the fabric you bought - the design is at least half as large as the original fabric and V&A/Liberty produced it in two colour ways - a blue leaf print and a green leaf print. Its disappointing they are so large when you want to use them in quilts of the same era that had very small pieces! I was fortunate to be able to hunt them all down in their respective quilts during the exhibition in London, but two still alluded me - the two fabrics with the dandelion style seed-heads,.

    Re: sizes of the quilts - hmm... Seems strange, because the book from the London exhibition does have the quilt sizes. I wonder whether it has something to do with copyright? Several people has gone on to reproduce some of the quilts e.g. Sundial Quilt and the George III quilt- giving the quilt sizes enables as you know the ability to reproduce the quilt's design.

    I hope you get better soon.

    Fiona in England

  6. Mary Hutson, Washington state, USA.


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