Wednesday 4 April 2012

WOW: Easter Egg Cozy

WOW = WIPs On Wednesday

Easter Egg Cozy is finished! I love it!

I was going to pop a chocolate Easter egg beneath my bunny cozy, but can you believe, there's no chocolate...Easter kind or otherwise in the house. So Easter Bunny is decidedly healthy this year and warming a better kind of egg.

I added some felt flowers around the edge
and voila! here he is, front and back

This week's linky will last longer than usual
so that you can share any last minute Easter items with everyone!

2017 update
This pattern was released for free to my online quilting BOM Group back in 2012. It is no longer available for free, It can be purchased for $2 USD as an instant download PDF digital pattern. 


  1. He is darling. I have a friend that loves everything Easter bunny so I'll make her one.

    Esther you can have downloadable files on your post. All you have to do is go to, sign in as you do for your blog and upload the file you want to share. Once it is uploaded, you edit it to share with all, and copy the link it gives in the box. Then go back to your post and highlight the words you want to use for people to go to the link. Click on link at the top of your post screen and enter the link you copied where they tell you, and presto people who visit your blog can see the bunny file on google docs, and download it too.

    Thanks for sharing such an cute little project. I'll link to WOW tomorrow.

  2. Love the bunny. I hope you have a Blessed Easter.
    Hugs Bunny


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