Monday 16 April 2012

Calla Lily Block

Details from my Calla Lily Block from Part 3 of my Mystery BOM: Forget Me Not.
Well, it was only a matter of time until the lily block arrived and here it is.

The technique used for the lily is turn edge applique, just like my Peony block last month.
 Once again, I used pencils shading to add some green around the yellow stamens.

Sewing the leaf lines. Like last month, I am sewing the back of the leaf so that the 'wrong side' becomes the right side and the the bobbin work is what you see on the front of the leaf.

I do this because I used thicker / heavier thread to achieve this look. This is done before the leaf shape is cut out, it just makes working the stitches so much easier.

 You can of course embroider the foliage background, I opted to sew it in

The pattern calls for tiny red points at the tips of the background foliage. I haven’t added these in yet as I am undecided on how or if I will do them. Because my background is yellow, I am still yet to decide if they work or not. 
The red tips might be too much…or I might change the tip colour so that it doesn’t stand out as vividly as red- on -yellow is certain to! These are the little changes that need to be considered when working with your selected backgrounds.
What will yours look like?

Tomorrow: details of the Cosmos block!

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  1. Stunning, your work is like a beautiful opera. Cannot wait to see the cosmos - my favorite garden plant.

  2. Can you hear that sound? It is me, kicking myself for not getting involved with this project

    It is looking wonderful!

  3. Love this, did what stabilizer did you use Paper or fabric?
    I used paper and boy it is terrible to get off. ;).
    Your wor is amazing. Bunny

  4. This is wonderful! Are the indivdual missed blocks available for purchase? I couldn't find it in your shop.


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