Thursday 1 December 2011

A Gift for my 1618 Yahoo Group Members

'Red December' is free to all members: I am so pleased to have this quilt top finished! And…It’s already being basted! Yes, full steam ahead! This is a WIP I’ve been looking to finish for a while now. I found it amongst my red stash months ago and thought, ‘why is this just sitting here???’
It’s been quite a red and white year for me. First Peaceful Pathways and now Red December. Do you know the feeling? I just had to get some classic red and whites off my Quilting To Do List and once you start one…well, the inspiration just keeps flowing.
I really do love it. I think I will have to have a Red and White Link Party on this site. I know there are lots of red and white beauties out there so it would be nice to give them an airing.
I can’t wait to hang this quilt and share some upfront shots. These will have to do for now.
I’ve been thinking about what a great year it’s been – and I’ve especially been thinking about all you wonderful readers who come along to see what I’m doing and share your thoughts. Blogging is very time intensive…but also very rewarding. It's nice to know someone else enjoys my little online journal here.
This is a pic of the borders. The special thing about the pattern is that the borders have been designed so that they can be created to make a table runner. Yes, really! I am currently making my own for Christmas this year, and of course I will share it right here when I do. As soon as I get around to it.

 I have a very special group called the Esther Aliu Yahoo Bom Group and this fabulous forum is a place where members share and discuss my projects and BOMs. I’m also very fortunate to have 3 fabulous moderators who do a wonderful job keeping everyone informed and generally in the know. I get to see my quilts and designs made in lots of different colours / fabrics and schemes.
It’s a dream come true for a designer! How lucky am I?? Very.

The next obvious step is to share some of this joy I feel at having such a wonderful group, and so I have decided to share my latest pattern Red December with members for free.
Yes, free!
It's my way of saying thank you for all the support you give me throughout the year. I really love this pattern and I hope that some of you will too.

If you’re a member, simply go to the files section and download the PDF. You should know your way around by now! The pattern is free for the month of December, after that it will be on sale through my online shop.
Non-members can join the group at any time, for free, or purchase the pattern via my online shop.

Thank You!


  1. Oh, this is so beautiful! Thank you, Esther!

  2. Esther, this quilt is just magnificent and thank you so much for giving it away free! You are awesome. Have a lovely Christmas.

  3. This quilt is so beautiful.
    Thanks so much for thinking of us at such a busy time of year.
    Is this quilt appliqued or have you stencilled it?

  4. What a gorgeous quilt! I have managed to refrain from starting one of your quilts, but I think I have lost the battle! I think I will have to make one!

  5. Wow, it's a great quilt! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern!

  6. I am so excited! Thank you Esther for your generous gift - I love it!

  7. You are amazing, Esther. You give us a lot of joy all year round by sharing your patterns with us and then you thank US???????

    Thank you so much for this beautiful pattern.

    Your Grateful Moderator :o)

  8. Thank you so much Esther this is a gorgeous quilt.
    May I ask did you needle turn that quilt? It is beautiful.

  9. You are fantastic and the quilt too:>) It is a lovely quilt congrats Esther as usual beautiful work. Merry Christmas

  10. This quilt is truly beautiful!!!! Alas, I tried several times now to join your yahoo group for this lovely pattern, but I can't seem to succees. Did you post directions elsewhere in your blog?


  11. ik print ze ook altijd uit
    heb nog zo veel wippetjes
    maar deze maak ik zeker heb zelfs al stof voor


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