Saturday 10 December 2011

Yuletide Mysteries

Over the years I’ve noticed that some household happenings only ever seem to take place during Christmas.
Take these tree lights below as an example. I remember winding them perfectly around a cardboard roll so I could easily unwind and use them this year- without any tangles or fuss.

This morning I opened the box to find this wiry tumbleweed waiting for me, knots, twists and all. It’s even collected some baubles along the way. Where has it been these last 365 days? What has it been doing? And where have the extra bulbs gone?
The other expected but nonetheless unpredictable happening…is the breaking of something. This is a biscuit gun. It’s brand new. I’ve had it a year but as it’s only used at Easter and Christmas, it still feels brand new.

It’s also newly broken. The top screw down cap simply split for no reason. My last biscuit gun (you can read about it here) also broke last Christmas, but I wasn’t’ so annoyed that time as it had lasted 30 productive years. I won't be buying another as this is the only brand I have seen around and I am not impressed with it's performance. I think it will be old fashioned biscuits this year!

I can't be the only one...

What's Your Festive Mystery?


  1. Hi Esther, Well my festive mystery is similar to yours ...I wind my lights up carefully too and i can never get them unwound EASILY either!..,mr nobody lives in my house but he never does a thing wrong ! some one always moves them ....and we have a sticky santa that sticks to the glass door but i always put him away carefully but never can find year i just never found him..till it was way too late!...wonder if i will find him today?? hmmmm... sue~nz

  2. I can't find my angel tree topper or the bead garlands! Of course I need those before I put on any for now the tree is just pretty lights, and might just stay that way this year!


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