Tuesday 13 December 2011

A Holiday Drive

DH hired a car so we could go around at our leisure. And I loved being the carefree passenger with a camera! From Slovenia we drove to Croatia.

It was a ride with breathtaking scenery. The advantage of traveling like this is stopping whenever something grabs your eye. Every time you head out somewhere it’s a potential find. 

Like this old flour mill. Isn’t it something? I couldn’t wait to get out and have a look

Here’s the old building made of stone. And farm workers represented in carved wood.

The best thing about being away is realizing how wonderful the ordinary is. With the sun setting over the hill, we could have been anywhere. But we were right there. And I’m so glad too.


  1. Beautiful photos of the beautiful country-side.
    Enjoy your vacation!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures, I love seeing the countryside in different countries. Your sun picture was beautiful too. Best to you, Pat

  3. Oh Esther these days travelling with you are lovely. It is bringing back so many memories I'd forgotten about. Country side all around that area is breath taking, and it changes so quickly. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Glenda

  4. Wow that is pretty. I love it!


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