Wednesday 10 August 2011

Enjoying Winter Daphne

 Has a week gone by already?

In July I was amazed that it was half way through 2011 - because it didn't feel like half way through the year, half way through my To Do List, half way through my plans...oh well I thought, time always makes its own room when it has too. Doesn't it?

Well, what July passed over, August has made up for. I am beside myself with never ending tasks. It is crazily busy in my house. The pace is getting me up early in the mornings and late to bed. The fact is,  it's already the10th and I haven't even registered that it is properly August!

Sometimes, you just need to make time to go into your garden, pick some blossoms and appreciate the winter daphne. Because it really is quite spectacular in an understated sort of way.

The house smells wonderful. I carry on, hopefully things will even their pace soon.

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  1. Those are such pretty flowers! None like that here in Florida.


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