Monday 15 August 2011

New Free BOM: Peaceful Pathways

Welcome to the launch of my new free BOM!
This is a quilt I’ve been meaning to make for years. St. Paul’s letters concerning love have long lingered in my journals. I personally love bringing this quilt inspired from those pages onto my bed.
For new BOM members, my BOM designs are quite varied as I am working my way through a Quilting To Do List which covers many different styles. This quilt is satisfying another design that demanded making!

Classic red and white, which never dates but is always charming.. and ages so beautifully. Plenty of patches to make a wide, old fashioned patchwork style border.
For all hand workers: there are 12 framed blocks ready for you to showcase your red work, embroidery, satin stitching or applique of the design text. Or stitch the text on your domestic machine.
If you are lucky enough to have an embroidery machine, put it to use and embellish each frame with an additional internal border of flowers, vines or lines, etc…
The central pathways are waiting to be quilted to add some texture and depth to the overall design.

You’ll notice the 4 corner squares (which create a heart) have been left blank. This is intentional so that you can create some beautiful quilting in there. The quilting for this space will be provided in a pattern for you. This pic below is the pattern for the corner.... just to help you visualise where this quilt is going....

This is a bed quilt: I’ve designed it so that the center square sits flat on top of the bed and the patchwork borders fall around the bed. I know this quilt is going to be beautiful and practical.

Now in the quilt design image above, the writing looks black. It is actually red. I do apologise for not having a quilt top to photograph - this is unfortunate but could not be helped as my sample sewer ran out of time. This is a shame as I do feel that images of designs look so flat - because they are. I hope you can see what I see...which is delightful red patchwork quilt that will be full of detail and texture.

I will be making this quilt month by month with you, it's going to be wonderful!

If you haven’t made one of my BOMs before, please read about my BOMs and how to download them here.


  1. The quilt layout looks lovely and red ...I love the colour red.

  2. Red is one of my favorite colors and this quilt is going to be beautiful! Thank you so much for having these! I hope to be able to keep up! :)

  3. Just love this!!! Ordered all my red fabric and some new special white just for this. I love the verse and sure needed this lovely quilt in my life. Now if the mail will just hurry with my fabric!!!
    Thank you.

  4. This looks like a great bom .. cant' wait!

  5. What a lovely Idea to use Paul's verses from Corinthian Letter to make this wonderful quilt. Your new pattern is must-to-do!

  6. the new bom so wonderful, and my colors!hope I can make this, because I like handsewing.
    thanks for the beautiful bom.
    wish you a good time
    mg elfriede

  7. I love the look of this quilt Esther. Have quite a few reds in my stash. Will need to get some white though.

  8. Love the color red! I have a lot of red fabric in my stash. Can't wait to get started I just hope I can keep up :) I'm so excited.

  9. Esther this is a beautiful quilt and therefore a beautiful bom also ....I need to get the white but I have the reds I think.....thank you

  10. Hi Esther, this is just lovely- beautiful sentiment. Maybe I can fit in just one more project :) Thank you for your generosity and I look forward to stitching along with you. Chrisb. xx

  11. Dear Esther, I do like your new Peaceful Parthways free B.O.M.
    My daughter Roslyn had the very same verse read at her marriage to her husband John twelve years will make a lovely gift for them.
    Many thanks for your generosity.
    Dorothy from Australia.

  12. Beautiful. Love red and white together. Always looks so fantastic. Can't wait to start on this one. I collected all the parts to your last one and fabric, but it's still on my to do list. One day.... Hopefully this one will be further up the list. I'm heading over to look at the list of requirements and looking through my stash......

  13. Love those corner quilting feathers??????? This is going to be a wowww Classical Red & White quilt. Be interesting to see how strong I am as I have never done just a Red & White before?????? Cheers Glenda

  14. I'm still working on Hearts Desire, but count me in on this one too. I'm not a big red person, so not sure if I will do it in red or something else. Have to get my thinking cap on. LOL
    I love the bibical verses.


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