Tuesday 30 August 2011

IQC: Sunshine & Shadow

This is my post from the IQC Blog which I am a part of

I already have a quilt called Sunshine & Shadow, which was made around a light and shadow design, so this quilt has been on my mind a lot - whenever I talk or think about the challenge.

It's just about September already and the year is really turning out to be busier than I could have imagined, so I have had to just launch in. Actually I reviving previous thouhgts about shade and light. My challenge work (untitled at this stage) is started, I am also working from a photo for this challenge (which I have just misplaced yesterday...)

I especially liked the idea Annabel raised when she was discussing the challenge theme, concerning shadow being a degree of absence rather than a void.

 I am absolutely
 going to finish this challenge
on time


  1. Esther you are one talented gal. I am in awwww of your work. I am looking forward to following this work of art.

  2. your quilt is beautiful. The colors are really my favorites

    Greetings Ria.

  3. Oh Esther this looks so exciting, you have really got my heart racing, I'll be waiting with baited breath for the next update, and those colours are mouth watering. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Cheers Glenda


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