Monday 21 February 2011

Glenda, you're an inspiration

Glenda has finished Be Still My Heart, Block 1 of Hearts Desire.

I do believe that she's the first quilter to get this done and I am delighted to share a pic of her block here. Yes, black and whites definitely work...and the red just finishes it beautifully.

I'd like to take a moment and mention that Glenda is still cleaning up from CYCLONE YASI.

Fortunately I am happy to report that she suffered no major damage but is still cleaning up a her garden which in her own words 'was wrecked'

I'm sorry to hear about your garden Glenda, but happy to hear that you're safe and got through the cyclone.
Just surviving YASI is a major feat and the fact that you still have time to quilt...well, I applaud you!

And I think everyone reading this post will applaud you too.... 


  1. It is absolutely beautiful! I love seeing how other quilters visualize patterns and then create such wonderful work.

  2. Indeed! Loud applause coming your way from Central Florida! Yeah, Glenda. Way to go.

  3. Love the black,white and red Glenda. Gorgeous block.
    Glad to hear you had no major damage and ar safe. Hope the garden cleanup is progressing.

  4. Loudly applauding and cheering from snowy, cold Philadelphia! Prayers for your continued rebuild AND I love that block!


  5. We are very proud of you Mamie! It is so beautiful!!!
    Big hugs and kisses from Liam Sean and Paola:)


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