Sunday 13 February 2011


Hearts Desire
Starts Feb 15th


My new Free BOM starts in 2 days
Releasing this design is a wonderful feeling…actually each BOM feels wonderful once it’s out there. It’s the feeling of creativity. There have been some wonderful fabric ranges released in the last 6 months or so, and of course we all have stashes that need seeing to as well. If you have been waiting for the right project to put your fabrics to use…maybe this is the one.

Yes, it’s a mystery, but it’s definitely worth the journey.

Will you be joining in to make Hearts Desire?

The Fabric:

This is my fabric palette. I have decided to stay with an heirloom-ish and charming feel for this quilt. I think these fabrics capture that essence perfectly. Actually, I was very tempted to work this quilt in reds…I know it would look stunning in reds….but I have another red quilt on the way this year and don’t want to completely exhaust my red stash…yet. I am waiting for an inspirational, extensive red range to be launched. And I know it will be sooner or later, the red cycle seems to repeat every few years. I am waiting for the replacements before finishing off all my red ideas. (What chance does my stash busting have?)

The fabrics I am using in this quilt are from the “Washington’s Legacy” range by Windham fabrics. They have a 1700’s feel and dip into Jacobean florals and herringbone stripes. It blends together beautifully and I also have Windham DAR Eagle Medallion fat quarters to pick and choose from here too. I have just realized these are all from Windham fabrics.  

You can see from the colors, the direction I am moving into. I buy all my own fabrics so I take a lot of time considering my purchases…fabrics have to lend themselves to several potential ideas – especially in my studio.

One of the great pleasures I receive from sharing my BOMs is seeing my patterns made up in a whole range of fabrics – I spend hours looking through the blocks on the Yahoo Group and seeing how everyone has made the quilt with their own special ‘eye’. That’s inspiration!

So, what fabric will you be using?


  1. Love the fabrics . We must spend oodles of time doing the same things --cottonreel

  2. I am interested in your BOM. How do I get in on this action? Will directions be posted here, if so, I'm all set. Your blog is lovely.

  3. Oh my gosh! How exciting! Your BOMs are always so beautiful.. so this will be a real treat. Now, what fabric, well, will have to pick and choose when I get a better feel for the block. I see the peek of it there in your picture, which is a beauty, and a real tease, cuz you just wanna click on it and see more LOL.. but two days isn't too much to ask. I'm excited!!

  4. from the sneak peek of the pattern it is very tempting, I look forward to this even more than valintines day! LOL
    Gorgeous fabrics to choose from I must say

  5. Yippee! Red Delicious was so wonderful I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Thank you so much Esther for your generous free BOMs!

  6. I'm in. I'm thinking I'll use my batik stash.

  7. You have some BE-utiful red fabrics! Karmen

  8. Oh know another red project I must do, as I told my friends I would not make another. This will be just the project for the next few months

  9. C'est avec impatience que j'attend le début du Bom, les tissus sont magnifiques.

  10. What beautiful fabrics....!!!
    Your BOM sounds fascinating.

  11. I could go into my stash and come close to your colors for this BOM! I'm anxious!

  12. I might just have to join you in this one Esther and I might just applique in wool on cotton..!

  13. Getting excited to see!!!! Your work is always SO lovely!

  14. It starts on my Dh's Birthday. Might have to wait to start my sewing the following day... I think for him I can skip one day of sewing. Gotta make a Pie. Applique looks like fun!~

  15. Can't wait. This sounds great! Thank you, Esther.
    /; -)

  16. Hi Esther!
    Love your fabrics!!! Yes, I'm thinking of using other fabrics but will join in the fun.


  17. I was wondering if you could tell us the exact fabric name and how much you had to buy of each? I would like to make my quilt just like yours. Debora C


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