Saturday, 28 August 2010

Questing for Colour

There's been some much needed rain this last week, so I went outdoors to see if my plants had been re-invigorated. They have. After so much singed yellow, I never complain when it's raining now.  I especially love this image of a white camellia nestled in amongst the wet branches.
I think it would work so well as a wall quilt.

Even the pavement looks alive

I love the contrast of stone and green

This is also a favourite and has made it into my 'colour files'       The blending is perfect! 

I like the texture here

Even the yellow bruising is in tone harmony
So often when I'm stuck for colour pairings, I like to see what nature has done. It always inspires me and gets me thinking of new combinations. This is usually enough to get me over any colour dilemna. Readers of my blog will know that colour is something I am always exploring : working with it, harmonising it and especially selecting the right 'tones'

What do you do?


  1. I have this great spring garden which I am not missing this year due to being in hospital, but can only go out and take photos when it is warm and sunny.....but I snuck a few in yesterday after Moggie lead me astray. You can have a peep at my color in my blog.

  2. Nature is fabulous for inspiration. Love the photos.


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