Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Great Work Danni!

 I Love It!

Here's the first finished picture of In The Pink which I have seen and it belongs to Danni from Germany. Her blog is here:

So I always say this, and now I have to say it again: a great part of sharing patterns is seeing them come to life in ways I would never have imagined myself.

Danni selected colours which I would not have used...except that now I see the finished result (which I love!) and it has again taught me to expand my own colour selections. I love these colours, she saw them working together when I would not have. And they do work.

It's super! I was so happy when I received my email from Danni with her pic, she's made a beautiful quilt top.

And of course, for everyone else taking part in In The Pink, the 15th is fast approaching and this month in the 5th installment, you will be making the centre tulip blocks. I think this is the most exciting part of the quilt and I have saved this best bit for last. This is a pic of my centre and the blocks you will be putting together this month.

This 5th installment released for free on the 15th, is the largest block so far.

I'm looking forward to seeing more finished ITP's in the coming weeks.

How is your's coming along?


  1. Danni's colour selection is quite dramatic. It is always terrific to see how one pattern can work with so many different colourways.

    Of course how can one go wrong when starting with such a fabulous pattern

  2. It's beautiful! It must be very exciting to see your design done by someone else!


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