Friday, 20 August 2010

Danni finishes In The Pink!

I do believe that Danni from Germany is the first to finish In The Pink.

Phew Danni, you must have been working overtime! I actually received this pic from Danni in my inbox on Tuesday, so she has been very speedy.

I love a quilter who finishes what she starts....I could use some of that vim myself!

How are you progressing with block 5? I know a lot of you have printed out this pattern over the months to make at a later date. As a quilter with a UFO list longer than my arm, may I suggest that there's no time like the present???


  1. Danni has made a stunning quilt, and the way she has it displayed is perfect. Gorgeous!

    My UFO list - and that includes quilts I haven't started yet - is longer than my LEG! Sadly, his beautiful design is somewhere around my little toe, so I'll enjoy seeing how others make theirs. Thanks for your creativity!

  2. So beautiful! Such work and skill! Lovely!


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