Monday 14 June 2010

Part 3 is launched

In the Pink: Part 3 is now up and running

It's been a quiet few weeks on my blog - I've just been so busy. I have to admit that the 15th has caught up with me again. Where do the months go? I think that is the question I pose the most on this blog.

I have slowed down a must be the cooler weather. The days feel much shorter and my preoccupations are revolving around bread and butter pudding, contemplating colours and catching up on some long overdue reading.

My UFO list, however, is ever before me (stuck on a wall) and I am working to remind myself that as time goes so quickly (seems to me at least) that looking back, quilts are a really beautiful way to document moments in time.

I had one of those moments last week when a quilt I posted went temporarily missing. It was sent via Platinum (receipted on delivery, guaranteed next day delivery) and it simply- didnt -arrive.

When I tracked it online, it stated that it had been delivered and signed for...the only problem is, it hadn't been. I was very lucky, the quilter on the other end doing the collecting, was very patient with me as I chased Australia Post up about it. It was finally located and 'dropped' on her door. Where was it for 3 days?? Who had signed for it? Who knows?!

Australia Post were neglectful and tardy with my box..and it's made me wonder how to deliver quilts in future. When you select the 'safest' tracked option, you like to think it will arrive safely. And you really don't want to put the next person along - receiving the quilts-through the annoyance and commotion that this type of scenario creates. Stress!!

I just had to get that off my chest - and have I received an explanation? NO And have I received an APOLOGY? NO Has the quilt receiver on the other end of all this received an APOLOGY? NO. Ok, enough said....

It's struck home that it's so easy to lose a quilt ...and I feel so attached to them. It's made me more commited to appraise (value) all my quilts and keep a better record of what I am making. All my quilts are originals and I would hate to lose any. Some, I'm ashamed to admit, dont even have a decent photo to be remembered by. Not to mention all the work and materials that has gone into each one.

Just yesterday my daughter refused to start a crochet blanket because she didn't want to invest '80 hours' into an 'acrylic' piece. And that made me think about all the hours and materials we quilters put into each quilt. (What's 80 hours? What is wrong with all these fussy crocheters??)

I have been very lucky, I know so many quilters have had there work lost or stolen, almost experiencing it myself put me in a prickly mood all day.

So onto a happier note, my bed will soon be cheered by In The Pink... how is yours coming along?


  1. Once again Esther thank you so much for the for this lovely BOM. I have tucked the block away as I still can't make up my mind on the colour.

  2. So pleased the quilt turned up. I bought a quilt stand so I could take proper photos of all my quilts. The fact I haven't actually done it shames me.

  3. Thank goodness, the quilt turned up alive and well. Your experience is definitely food for thought. Thank you for Part 3... I am only partway through part 2 so had better get working!!

  4. I am so happy this pattern "fits" some fabrics I already had in my stash. I was looking for the right pattern. I have finished clue one and have made good progress on clue two. Now I am collecting clue three. Thank you so much for the pattern.


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