Wednesday 23 June 2010

Cozy Weather

It's cozy weather at the moment. I was busily quilting and lost in my 'quilter's trance' that I get into when I'm working. Then all of a sudden the electricity cut out and I couldnt believe my eyes... we had snow! (Ok, just hail) but it was suprising none the less.

Twenty minutes later and the house was full of warm sunlight. Very weird weather day.
Usually when I get home I'm fast to get into the house and don't pay  much attention to the foliage at this time of year. But today I had to stop and take a photo and bask in some appreciation for the bush pictured here. It is blooming. I have no idea what it is. It's scent is sometimes powerful and almost off putting. Other times it wafts in through my bedroom window and it is delightful. For those of you who like Estee Lauder, when it is in a delicate mood -it smells exactly like "Tuberose Gardenia"

I was so lucky to catch a glimpse of a honey bee at work (?!) and he is in the fuzzy bit of the 2nd photo. I think its a confusing time for the garden at the moment. Warm sunny afternoons, sudden drops in temp and freezing nights.

With weather like this, I long for a cottage and an open fire (which my husband will dutifully stack, light and keep burning). No such luck. I am making do with bread and butter pudding and winter soups.

There is something so satisfying about winter cooking though.... I love dusting off my old cookbooks and thinking about recipes that can't even be contemplated during the rest of the year on account of the heat.

Oh yeah, have spent the week pottering througgh UFOs and I'm really pleased to be getting through them - the end is nowhere in sight. But you have to start tackling the list somewhere!


  1. With the internet, I keep forgetting you are around the world from me until you start talking about it being cold in June. Here in the United States we are having 100 degree temperatures. So we can appreciate a little bit of cold. Have a great day.

  2. Going to be cold this weekend so cook up the soup! Wish someone would come and sort out my UFOs, on second thought, maybe not, I'd have to admit to how many I have then..... :o)

  3. Love your photos of the hail and pretty flowering bush. But i am pleased you warmed us up with your lovely warm winter food.

    Yes Esther even over here in the West we are having funny winter weather. Lots of lovely sunny days ( which I love) cold nights but it has rained all day today. Just weird.

    I know what you mean about UFO's. They are never ending.

  4. Esther, it looks like a Luculia gratissima, a lovely shrub that flowers in winter. They can be a bit tricky to grow, so well done. It does have a gorgeous fragrance.

  5. Hi Esther love your cottage dream sounds perfect! That gorgeous flowering plant looks like Luculia to me. I have one in my garden, it comes in pink too and who of us can resist Pink! Have a lovely day

  6. While sweltering in 95+ weather it was really funny to see your snow, oh, that's right, it was hail. I love the fact that we in the US are oposite in seasons.

  7. Esther - Bread & Butter pudding - once of my winter favs. It's co;d down here on the coast as well - complete with sea mist.

  8. I see someone beat me to it....I was going to say Lucilia and I want one.
    It is on my list of things I want that are hard to grow and impossible in the drought.
    My Aunt had a wonderful one in Mount Waverley.


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