Sunday 27 June 2010

A catty posting

We have a very naughty neighbourhood cat. He is black and I think he/she is a Burmese. Every morning I come down into the kitchen, and within a few minutes of the household stirring, there he is. He sits so that the first thing I see when I look out the kitchen window is him. Then he trotters around the house and looks into my sewing studio window to see if I'm in there (of course I am!).We have started a morning conversation ritual where he mews at the window and I chat to him and then after some more mewing, he leaves.

All seems harmless enough. Except he comes back and stalks the house
until he has caught the attention of our pampered indoor cat and then they argue through the glass. This ends in my cat stomping around in a huff for the rest of the day.

This pic is his morning perch position. Yes he only has one eye. I wonder sometimes what kind of mischief caused that.

At the moment he isnt being too distruptive because my own cat is too busy basking before the heating vent to bother looking out the window and starting a fight.

Thank you to those who let me know I have a Lucilia. Apparently a difficult shrub, this one is somehow hardy. I have neglected it and we have been in draught, so I dont know how it  pulled through -it has not been watered once.

I am thinking about a Peony Tree in a pot after seeing some beautiful pics of one on Feather on a Wire's blog. Sally's peony tree made me very envious. It is so beautiful. I don't think it would last in our climate - I will have to look into that.

Back to UFO's: this is my focus until EQ7 arrives (waiting....waiting...), then I will be jumping into some new designs.


  1. Esther,

    It is nice to know there is someone else still waiting, as it seems every blog I go to they have it!
    However, the wait could be over soon .... how long will it take to get from there to here I wonder!

    Judy B

  2. Great story about the black cat. He looks great but I think it is more a maine coon then a burmese:-)
    But I think it is a nice way to start your morning.
    Best wishes Anneke ^..^

  3. I got a peony from Tesselaars mail.
    I also got a bargain buy of lilliums. 25 for $39 I think.
    Have fun.

  4. I have a cat stalker too. But, it doesn't stalk my house but my car. I often have a trail of cat paws up the truck, across the top and down the hood. That cat is a nuisance.

  5. could be it use to live there and came back to stay, hope you keep it
    it is luck to have a black cat

  6. The cat visitor is beautiful. The missing eye could be a result of s fight with a bird, LOL, a friends cat got out one day and decided to attack a crow, he lost an eye due to that skirmish.

  7. Every morning we found a neighbours tabby cat had soiled the vegie garden and scratched up some of the seedlings. We placed a large plastic owl on a stick in the spot it goes to and haven't seen it since. Cheers Jenni S.

  8. We have a neighborhood cat that visits every so often. Our dog does not know whether to bark at him, play or just ignore. The cat ignores her and usually rolls around waiting for tummy rubs :)

  9. Esther, we too have a tom cat that comes around to create trouble. He is such a trouble maker, we continue to chase him off, and he belongs to someone. Well, our lovely pets always make life more interesting. Hugs.

    Blissfully Stitching,


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