Monday 29 March 2010

It's Easter

I love Easter and I love birds. As we have entered the Easter season, I’ve been thinking about how important it is to stop and enjoy the beauty and wonder of creation more.

I have a morning ritual involving a cup of coffee, a window and a tenacious birdy. Finally I have managed to snap a shot (it’s a bit blurry) of the morning ritual unfolding.

You can see how tall the conifer is, it dwarfs nearby roof houses and each morning a bird comes along and tries to perch on the topper most branch.

I love this moment. Every day I watch on with baited breath. And always there are some not so brave bird spectators that come to a nearby roof and jealousy watch. It’s a great moment when the birdy finally manages to get some balance. Often he will sway wildly in the wind on that little branch. I’m amazed it hasn’t snapped. I hope it never does.

I'm back at home and un-packed after 2 great workshops this past week....what a week it's been. Both workshops were warm and inviting and as for the students...well I couldnt have asked for a nicer group of ladies. Teaching is so enjoyable! Thank you !

Not only did I get to spend three days non stop doing what I love, but I also met an incredible inspiration of mine:

Kathy of Material Obsession!

Yes, after reading her books...and drooling over her stunning designs...I met her in the flesh! And she's so much more than I could have ever guessed. Also, my DD has been on at me to make a Dresden Quilt...and now I see a Desden quilt in the horizon, but rather than a traditional affair it will be inspired by Kathy's Garden Party. Do go and have a look yourself!

Kathy, your work rocks!


  1. We have lovely birds in our garden in the far tropical north that also like to balance precariously on tips of branches and I never tire of looking and wondering at them.

  2. Hi Esther, Happy Easter to you and yours. What a treat to meet Kathy she is a wonder of inspiration. I also have her books and have pieced most of her Garden Party quilt plus a couple of others. I love her eye for fabric. We have an aviary of birds in our garden... my fav spot for a coffee.
    Enjoy Chris

  3. I love bird's also, they seem to calm my nerver's a bit.We dont get to many different bird's at the house, my dog Jack chases them away. Except in the summer I enjoy the humming bird's they are to fast for him.
    Love ya,Debbie

  4. HAPPY EASTER! I love birds also. Since I live on an island with no stores, mail, bridges to mainland, I have several photos of nests on my blog,One is a hummingbird nest.
    I love toiles w/birds, anything with them! I am so glad I have found you! I'll post a link, new to blogging, but really enjoying it. having my first giveaway on Wed of an antique sterling silver vase if anyone wants to stop in to win. Lovely here on CUmberland Island GA, do hope it is where you are.


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