Tuesday 23 March 2010

Early Starts, busy March!

It's another early morining start for me. I'm up, my DH is packing the car and I am about to head out for a 2 hour drive to today's workshop!
March has turned out to be a seriously hectic month, so apologies for the few posts.
I feel like I've been spending all my time in 'preperation' or 'recovery' or 'on the road' as I have had several workshops back to back. I have also had lots of organising and ordering to do. And of course, there's always the family things we all know so well that have to be taken care of too.
As I make my morning coffee and look over my sleeping monitor each morning I know that time is ticking...
Many of you are eagerly waiting for the next BOM to start...I know, I know, apologies for the delay, but it couldnt be helped...and I just won't launch until I am satisfied. The good news is that its coming, next month.
So hang in there!


  1. Hi Esther, you sure are busy, be sure to get some rest during all your busy time if you can. I am patiently waiting for the BOM. Congrats on your Red Del. pattern winning its first ribbon. I can easily see this pattern winning best of show in the future.or

  2. Hi Esther, I so appreciate your early start and huge effort as I was a part of your workshop and what a wonderful day I had. Thank you so much for all your generous help and fantastic knowledge sharing. I came home with a gorgeous piece of stencilled work and can't wait to begin my new passion. Kind Regards Chris

  3. Well said Chris, I did a weekend with Esther at the riviera quilters retreat, she certainly is a treasure and very generous with her knowledge and supplies...Thanks Esther keep up the good work,I am inspired to create again..see you in the shows,we will be hanging together..hugz Pat


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