Tuesday 6 April 2010

Distractions, lovely distractions!

How can I get any work done around here?

Did my indoor cat get out when I left the back door open?

We searched and we called and we did a quick look around our yard (we have a neighborhood bruiser who likes to beat up all the neighbor’s cats. He frequently harasses our cat through the window). We called, we used food, we tapped things….and then we found her sheepishly sitting in my DH’s seat, too lazy to respond. She likes to think that SHE is the head of the house and sits in my husband’s seat whenever he is not around! (she’s not brave enough to do it when he is).

Then it rained lightly (the weather is all over the place at the moment – very hot, sudden change, cool in the morning, warm afternoons) and it looked as if a rainbow was in our garden, all the rain drops hanging off the tree leaves were illuminated in a beautiful glow.

Then I decided to go and see how my DD’s cherry tomatoes and silver beet were coping with the weird weather, and marveled that they have grown at least 3 inches overnight.

Then the birds started singing like crazy because our local street cat who we call “R” was up to no good on the fence line. I went out to save some nests from destruction and R mewed and bellowed and complained how hard his life was.

All he wanted was a cuddle and a scratch. He is a good cat really; he just needs more love and attention. I don’t think his owners take enough notice of him.

Ok…back to work. For anyone who’s still interested, the next BOM will be launched April 18th


  1. They are mischief makers aren't they! I wasn't giving enough cuddles today so I got in heaps of trouble :o)

  2. Ooooh! I'm eagerly awaiting the
    Pets and gardens are lovely distractions aren't they?

  3. Cats sure have a mind all of their own. No matter how much calling we do they will do as they wish. But we love them.

    Am looking forward to the new BOM how exciting!!!

  4. Don't these simple distractions enrich our lives so!! I'm looking forward to your BOM - I love your work!

  5. Don't these distractions enrich our lives so?! I'm looking forward to your BOM later in April as I love your work! I hope you have a productive day, distractions and all!

  6. Great post andblog, will make sure to keep checking in. An aussie blogger sister. yeh

  7. Hey Esther Pat Dwyer here..did you just put the folder into the red del group files to tease us??because in the pink is empty..you are naughty..lol..still got our lovely Vic trip in my mind..thanks Pat


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