Sunday 18 April 2010

April is the cruelest month....

OK, I might be exaggerating a little, but April appears to be conspiring against me and my new BOM, In The Pink.

My computer suffered a glitch and I have been off- line for a week. Apologies, apologies...I'm as eager to send ITP out into the world as I hope some of you are to receive it.

Fear not all eager BOM makers, In The Pink is finished and ready to be launched in the next 48 hours. The files are written up and ready.

So hang in there, it's coming! (and so is my DD...who's in charge of the computer). I only design the BOMs....


  1. Hi Esther
    I was wondering why there were problems on your website - must be due to your computer glitch - hang in there your work is beautiful
    Elaine in Canberra

  2. Thanks Elaine,

    11:54pm and still plugging away. Computers - urgh!

  3. i am soo excited..for when that time comes!!! i love your patterns!!!

  4. Ahhh Esther don't be hard on yourself...those of us that love your work are waiting patiently. We will be here when it appears. Thank you in advance as I know it will be beautiful...

  5. Your new quilt is beautiful!

  6. Hi Esther,

    I'm sure it will be worth waiting for :)
    My computer drives me crazy at times too, even with a husband who can fix it...though he does have a nasty habit of changing it too :)
    But losing cameras...not so good.

    Hugs, Sharon


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