Monday 15 December 2008

Block placements

I've been asked a lot via email in the last 6 hours, so just to let you all know, I will be providing the placement of each block in the scheme of the quilt as we progress every month.

At the moment I'm still wrestling with my EQ6 software which is driving me plain crazy with frustration! You see, I had the quilt outlay and blocks ready to insert each months block, and then I moved something....and couldnt get it back....and then it all went I'm going to correct it shortly and put it up so that you can see where each new piece of the mystery belongs....When I sort out my software stand -off, I will post up the outlay promptly...until then, think of it as a 'double blind' mystery...


  1. Thanks for going to so much effort for us Esther!

  2. I *love* a good mystery...I even watch Miss Marple's and Poirot's as I stitch. ;-)

  3. Hallo!
    My name is Annika Sundberg, I live i North of Sweden, in Arjeplog...
    I have looked at the nice Bom You have as Block of the Month...
    I have a question...
    The position of Block 1 is marked with red color..
    Where is the position of the Block nr 2?

    Have an nice day...
    from Annika Sundberg

  4. So sorry you are having problems with your computer stuff. That is never fun. Love the nightshade block. Almost done with #1. I am doing it in redwork. Will have it on my blog when I get done.


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