Wednesday 14 December 2011

WOW: Christmas Stenciling, Sorting and Winding Down

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...and whilst many of you will be too busy to WIP over the festive weeks, I have decided to keep on with WOW because I love catching up with you all each week - even for just a few moments away from my To-Do List!

I've finally stencilled our Christmas Table Cloth in red, using the Red December pattern (I used the side border and centre blocks to create my table design.) It's classically Christmas and I love it already. I finished it yesterday and I am now winding down my sewing. It's time to relax, tidy up my studio and get into some Festive Baking with my DD'S.

This morning I started early on an important chore - refolding all my quilts. How exhausting! I'd forgotten how many there were, and had to stop to enjoy and fall in love with them all over again (well, quilts are beautiful!).

They have been around and about a fair bit this year at Guest Speaking occassions and it was time to give them a good shake out and re-fold. Actually I think that in the New Year I will start rolling them all up (to store them) around a cylinder as I want to avoid creases. The quilt cupboard is now neat again so I can think about the best way to store them in the meantime.

Tuesday 13 December 2011

A Holiday Drive

DH hired a car so we could go around at our leisure. And I loved being the carefree passenger with a camera! From Slovenia we drove to Croatia.

It was a ride with breathtaking scenery. The advantage of traveling like this is stopping whenever something grabs your eye. Every time you head out somewhere it’s a potential find. 

Like this old flour mill. Isn’t it something? I couldn’t wait to get out and have a look

Here’s the old building made of stone. And farm workers represented in carved wood.

The best thing about being away is realizing how wonderful the ordinary is. With the sun setting over the hill, we could have been anywhere. But we were right there. And I’m so glad too.

Monday 12 December 2011

The Pleasure of Detail

Here I am in Maribor Town, Slovenia, enjoying a harvest installment
What really took my eye though, was the skilled craftsmanship on the buildings

 These detail on these doors is superb. Unfortunately Google won't allow me to flip the pictures the right way around, but it's too nice not to show...even sideways.

google wont flip these pics, they are doors!
Look at these motifs….wonderful…

I can feel some designs coming on…

Saturday 10 December 2011

Yuletide Mysteries

Over the years I’ve noticed that some household happenings only ever seem to take place during Christmas.
Take these tree lights below as an example. I remember winding them perfectly around a cardboard roll so I could easily unwind and use them this year- without any tangles or fuss.

This morning I opened the box to find this wiry tumbleweed waiting for me, knots, twists and all. It’s even collected some baubles along the way. Where has it been these last 365 days? What has it been doing? And where have the extra bulbs gone?
The other expected but nonetheless unpredictable happening…is the breaking of something. This is a biscuit gun. It’s brand new. I’ve had it a year but as it’s only used at Easter and Christmas, it still feels brand new.

It’s also newly broken. The top screw down cap simply split for no reason. My last biscuit gun (you can read about it here) also broke last Christmas, but I wasn’t’ so annoyed that time as it had lasted 30 productive years. I won't be buying another as this is the only brand I have seen around and I am not impressed with it's performance. I think it will be old fashioned biscuits this year!

I can't be the only one...

What's Your Festive Mystery?

Wednesday 7 December 2011

WOW: Making Room

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

Today I am making room for Christmas. I still have our Christmas Table Cloth to make…so to create that I will need desk space. It's so disheartening to have to stop make room. It signals that a major clear out is due. Or overdue.
This is what my table looks like most of the time. By lunchtime I expect to have it spic and span. *Wish me luck*

For those of you making Red December, this is the fabric I recommend. It's Robert Kaufman and the range is 'Marbleous'. Red is difficult to photograph but I hope this pic gives you a good idea of the print. The intensity is consistent whilst still having enough change through it to look lively. Just what you want from red fabric!

For my borders in the Red December pics in the post below, I used a local Quilter's Muslin from Emma Louise (Victorian Textiles) from her range called Holiday Red. Also excellent.

Monday 5 December 2011

SacherTorte in the Sacher Cafe

I love SacherTorte. I think it's the best chocolate cake in the world and every year we fly one in from Vienna for my DDs birthday (yes, they deliver!).

But it's nicer on location...

And for those of you who'd like to make it, well here's the official postcard recipe. I will definitely be trying this one out for myself!

Thursday 1 December 2011

A Gift for my 1618 Yahoo Group Members

'Red December' is free to all members: I am so pleased to have this quilt top finished! And…It’s already being basted! Yes, full steam ahead! This is a WIP I’ve been looking to finish for a while now. I found it amongst my red stash months ago and thought, ‘why is this just sitting here???’
It’s been quite a red and white year for me. First Peaceful Pathways and now Red December. Do you know the feeling? I just had to get some classic red and whites off my Quilting To Do List and once you start one…well, the inspiration just keeps flowing.
I really do love it. I think I will have to have a Red and White Link Party on this site. I know there are lots of red and white beauties out there so it would be nice to give them an airing.
I can’t wait to hang this quilt and share some upfront shots. These will have to do for now.
I’ve been thinking about what a great year it’s been – and I’ve especially been thinking about all you wonderful readers who come along to see what I’m doing and share your thoughts. Blogging is very time intensive…but also very rewarding. It's nice to know someone else enjoys my little online journal here.
This is a pic of the borders. The special thing about the pattern is that the borders have been designed so that they can be created to make a table runner. Yes, really! I am currently making my own for Christmas this year, and of course I will share it right here when I do. As soon as I get around to it.

 I have a very special group called the Esther Aliu Yahoo Bom Group and this fabulous forum is a place where members share and discuss my projects and BOMs. I’m also very fortunate to have 3 fabulous moderators who do a wonderful job keeping everyone informed and generally in the know. I get to see my quilts and designs made in lots of different colours / fabrics and schemes.
It’s a dream come true for a designer! How lucky am I?? Very.

The next obvious step is to share some of this joy I feel at having such a wonderful group, and so I have decided to share my latest pattern Red December with members for free.
Yes, free!
It's my way of saying thank you for all the support you give me throughout the year. I really love this pattern and I hope that some of you will too.

If you’re a member, simply go to the files section and download the PDF. You should know your way around by now! The pattern is free for the month of December, after that it will be on sale through my online shop.
Non-members can join the group at any time, for free, or purchase the pattern via my online shop.

Thank You!

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