Tuesday 15 November 2011

Peaceful Pathways Part 4

Yes, we're already at Part 4! How time flies!
This month we are making the lovely patchwork style border. It’s worked in red and white (of course). This month is the final bit of hard work before we sail into the ending.
The more time I spend with this quilt, the more I love it.
I especially like how classic and easy if looks and feels at first glance, but how lovely the details are when you get to know it better.
The pics here are a bit shadowy as the weather was bright and stormy. Sorry!

I really like the white squares coming together to make the pieced hearts.
I just feel really glad making this quilt. And it's another for my red and white shelf.

Anyone else BOM-ing along with me?

Peaceful Pathways is my current free BOM

You can download the current month via my website or Yahoo Bom Group

Monday 14 November 2011

The Awe of Flying

Generally I don’t love flying – the noise, the air pressure, the recycled air and the airports.
But flying has its moments too. Especially if you are near a window when land comes back into sight, and cities roll into view. Because it’s so easy to forget just how remarkable flying really is.
That said, I’d rather be on a train any time!

But there's no denying how interesting it is to see the world from a birds eye view every now and then.

 This was my favourite plane (from the outside), the Haribo plane! My children adored Haribo when they were young and I can just imagine how many young children love seeing this fly overhead!  

For those of you who wanted to know, we flew Bristish Airways and were very happy with their service.

Saturday 12 November 2011

To Kindle or Not To Kindle?

Update: 14th November 2011

A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to my query. It was a big question for me, especially at this time of year - and I really appreciate the info you all provided. I read all your comments with great interest and I think the only way forward is to go with a Amazon Kindle.

There is a library in my state that allows kindle loans (which is nice) and I like that the classics are free (well, quite a few by the sounds of things). Now I just have to decide on the type. Do I want colour? probably. Is it realistic to read magazines on a kindle? Not sure, but can't see why not.

I have recently had no choice but purchase my >>first<< digital magazine subscription (there's no room left in any quarter of my house, it was an option of last resort). Well, it's fine. So I think it's possible that the magazine option could be a real one for me as well as the books, kindle wise. I'm not sure why some kindles have keyboards with them, I don't want to check emails or do anything like that, just reading and browsing.

I might even convert my DD to the kindle idea too, she reads a lot of very large (and impossible to hold) manuals and that kind of thing and I was amazed that they are actually in kindle format too.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on it at the moment. I really appreciate and value your comments on this.

Yes, I will get a kindle. Just decidining which one now. Will definitely keep you posted on what I end up with this Christmas!

Please keep commenting if you have anything else to add, all information is gratefully received.


That Is The Question.
When Kindle was first launched a few years ago, my DH offered to buy one, as much as a novelty as anything else. This was before they were even remotely popular and no one I knew had even heard of one. Back then, the idea of connecting books (which I love) to a computer of any kind (which I certainly don’t love and which always ends up in more work and frustration) was definitely not appealing.
But I may have changed my mind.
On this last trip I saw travelers reading kindle everywhere…and it just made sense. Do I think anything can compare to the pleasure of opening a book? No.
Can I fit a book in my handbag? Maybe. Can I fit enough to get me through a holiday? There isn’t enough bag space! There was an era when I would have travelled with a book and posted it back to myself. But times have changed and postage rates have drastically increased lately (has anyone else noticed this??) so that simply isn’t an option anymore.
If I get a kindle I will be purchasing it and I want to get the right one.
So I’d love any opinions from real users -
Do you have it?
Which one do you have?
Do you love it?
Was it worth it?
PS, I dont want to type anything(??) and I dont care about wi-fi or whatever.


Friday 11 November 2011

My London Bus Tour

The best thing I did in London was get on a bus. An iconic red double decker bus that drove around for 3 hours. Wow, what an eye opener! Taking in the city from the roof of the bus was so relaxed.

As a people watcher / building observer, I loved every minute of it! You could actually 'see' styles and fashions  change as we moved out of one area and into the next. The same thing was reflected in the buildings from old to new to facades.

As a foreigner, London looks so historic, the wealth of details street after street really took me in. And I loved being high enough to see everything from a perspective I never usually think about.
As the bus drove around the streets, I randomly took these pictures whenever the bus stopped at a light or in traffic. The rest of the time I just leaned over the rail and took in the view. The best snaps are in my mind. I'm not really a document- every -moment- kind of tourist, I'd rather enjoy myself. I definitely recommend a London Bus Tour to anyone - it gives you a real perspective of the city.
There is so much beauty up there! And down below too....

If i'd had the time, I would have done it again. The snaps I have of this great ride are taken during red lights and occassional stops. It's a mixed bag! Just the way I like it!

this looks so english to my eyes

unexpected pink flowers in a grey spot

beautiful architecture


looking down or alongside statues (instead of up at them) was a nice change

as was getting as close as possible to beautiful building details

as soon as I saw the building below I 'knew' I was in London,
can't explain why, I must have seen it on a TV program

I really wish I could have got close enough and high enough to see the detail of the building below.
 Is it an angel? a scroll?

 It really had me thinking about the skill, legacy and values of craftsmanship and how buildings built today, by way of comparison, have no soul.

crowds  / people / queues everywhere
London has definitely put my general queue annoyances into perspective!

 This growth is not flora, it's actually a textile installation, a work of textile art. Well, this is what I was told, I didn't actually get off the bus to see the carpet for myself

 London eye

it's Big Ben


Wednesday 9 November 2011

WOW: Rose Table Runner

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

The table length is 118 1/2 " or 3m
It started the night before my birthday. My DD’s wanted a table cloth for the big day. Honestly, I’m not that fussed. We have one for Christmas and Easter of course, but otherwise – and especially with a table this big, I usually opt for a runner.
I don’t know if you think about new table settings the evening before the morning they are required, but in my house this is actually a reoccurring theme!
It just so happens that last week right until my birthday I was sorting through my fabric stash and doing some tidying of my studio, and came across this beauty:

I purchased this fabric because I fell in love with it on sight. The roses are painted and although these images don’t do it justice, they are superb. The problem was that when I brought it home, I couldn’t cut into it. I didn’t have the heart. Also, the positioning of the design on the fabric meant that whichever flower I cut (if I decided to fussy cut) would cut into another bouquet, so that wasn’t a good use for it.
In the end, I decided to use it as a quilt back. But then thought it was too pretty not to be seen. So then I thought I would upholster a chair with it or maybe even create a screen.
Does anyone else have these fabric moments??
Well, Thursday night I pulled it out and we both fell in love with it as a table cloth. But covering the whole table was a bit much, so we experimented with a wide table runner. Well, I loved it.
Next, we agreed that we needed matching napkins and that the table runner should be plain – with maybe prairie paint binding in a matching yellow or peachy pink to the roses.
Just for the day, I folded it into size, ironed it down and made use of it unfinished until I have a moment to get it done properly.
So there it was – 5 hours until my birthday and another WIP started…oh well…
I will keep you posted and share the finished piece…when I get there myself!

Monday 7 November 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

Thank you everyone for your well wishes on my birthday!

It was my birthday on Friday.

I was really surprised when I checked my inbox this morning to find quite a few messages in there!
And now that I’ve mentioned it, I suppose I should share a bit of it…

There were flowers (red roses of course, what else??)

And a blue hydrangea too...
The day before, during the grocery shopping, I fell in love with a hydrangea and had to have it. Isn’t it lovely? I was torn between the white ball and the pink (it was an unusual deep pink) ball as well, but as they were wilted from being inside so long, it made my choice a bit easier.

And I bought it in honour of my birthday.
 I really love this blue.
For my birthday lunch we enjoyed a Chinese Banquet. I am quite happy anywhere. But my DDs had arranged this as they are quite fussy. In a way I'm happy that they are because it was all just perfect...and I didnt have to cook a thing!

I’m not especially a sweet person, but the miniature deserts on the plate were so quaint and looked so lovely that I had to take a photo.

It was too much of a pity to eat them. I thought they looked like a quilting fabric I have somewhere in my stash.

Back home, my birthday cake was marble mud cake. I’m not usually keen on anything called mud cake – but it really is delicious. We are still enjoying it with coffee today.

The little bird is a bit of a joke as I always add birds to my projects, so my DDs added it to my cake as a little well-wisher.

In the evening my DH took me to a show at the Arts Centre and we enjoyed the city and stayed the night overlooking the river on the Southbank. Actually, for someone who lives here, I realized that I don’t usually see all that much of Melbourne!  
My DH knows it very well but I really enjoyed it as a tourist. A tourist in my own city! Here’s a view from our window. Glorious.

Well, you can see why I still feel as though
I am in holiday mode. I am!

Wednesday 2 November 2011

WOW: Still Unpacking

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

This wednesday finds me still unpacking and downloading and just generally trying to get back into the swing of things. How did November get here so fast???

Yesterday there was much talk about the 7 billionth baby being born. One thing that really struck me this time around in Europe, Vienna and London was how densely populated the cities are. Maybe I hadn't noticed before?? Maybe I'm getting older and see things differently? Maybe it's inceased enough for me to notice? I'm just not used to so many people.

Well, last night I learnt that Australia is actually the 3rd least populated population... I hadnt realised this and I think that over the years I must have become accustomed to space! The statistics were something like: Australia = 3 people per m2 and the UK has something like 246 per m2. I think that's incredible.

When I see so many people in one place 'for no reason' well, I don't know what to make of it!
Speaking of populations and birthdays, I have much to catch up on before my own birthday later this week. I better get on with it!

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