Tuesday 24 March 2020

Hope: Working on the Border Blocks

I must have a short memory. The last time I worked with linen I had to work extra carefully to stop stretching and warping of the fabric fibres.. and totally forgot about all the hassle. Well, now I'm repeating myself! I love my Hope background in this rough linen but am having to work with extra diligence to make sure my seams and fibres stay nice and straight. I do this with spray starch and double checking every single piece before and after I sew it in. Phew.
With the strips sewn in and correct (yes, even I have to double check everything against the pattern sheet), it's time to create the beautiful vines.
I'm using my trusty turn edge applique technique with Elmer's glue for this.
Next, it's time to create the flower heads
it doesn't matter how many I make, I never get tired of applique flowers.
Aren't they sweet?
And this is my border block, waiting to be sewn in
Hope is a gorgeous blooming applique design, perfect for beginners. You can start this quilt anytime as a BOM or purchase the pattern outright. Simply click the image to learn more. 

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  1. Esther, you have such a wonderful blog. I learn so much by reading. And I almost am getting enough courage to take out the Bible Story quilt squares that my mom started in about 1939. She got 7 of the 12 squares done.
    When I showed it years ago to an expert hand quilter, he told me that I needed to get a LOT better with my skills before I should try to finish what she began since her work was so exceptionally fine. Obviously I simply put it all away again. But with your wonderful examples and guidance I think I need to get it out for another try. Thanks again. Best wishes to you and yours.


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