Monday 9 March 2020

Hope: Centre Progress

In the last few years I've really embraced bows in my applique and I have to tell you, I'm still not over this design motif. I'm definitely in a bow mood, I think they're gorgeous. In Hope, I restrained my bows- they're neat and sweet.. but I can still definitely see a hint of Love Always flourish in them.. what do you think?
Here are my flower heads, I'm happy with how the Japanese woven fabrics look on the linen, it's a subtle almost aged look that agrees with me. Originally I had decided on a different colourscheme - much lighter and brighter, but as always, the fabrics changed the mood and I went with what I had.
And I love how they look on the grey background. Originally I had opted for a pale pink background but the grey linen offsets these applique fabrics much better, so I had to adapt.
 How gorgeous is this stripe fabric for the stems??
 And I'm nearly there.. 
Hope is a gorgeous blooming applique design, perfect for beginners. You can start this quilt anytime as a BOM or purchase the pattern outright. Simply click the image to learn more. 


  1. I love the bow and the colors you're using for it. It's always amazing to see what your final design looks like.


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