Thursday 12 March 2020

Hope: The Blooming Dahlia Block

Today I'm making the Blooming Dahlia Block. If you're making Hope month by month, this block is created in Part 8. I'm making my quilt parts 'out of turn', according to my fabric usage - I have a limited amount of Japanese Woven fabrics that I am balancing out between the blocks. 

Like always, I'm using fusible to create my turn edge applique. For newcomers, you can read detailed tutorials on this technique right here on my blog by clicking here now or the Guide To Applique button on the page header. 
I number all my shapes to help me arrange them when it's time to layer. I even number my leaves, when it comes to prep work, you can't be too organized.
 Layering up
I started with the centre circle and added the first layer of petals, adhering them with dabs of Roxanne glue to keep them in position until I'm ready to machine stitch them down.
 First layer complete and pinned into position - 
I do this to make sure my applique isn't 'growing' as I work
 Now it's time for the second layer
 Second layer pinned and checked against the pattern for size accuracy
 Motif completed and held in position with glue
 Ready for positioning on the block background! Today was all about creating the applique.
I'll be sharing a step by step tutorial on creating the circle star background for this block shortly. 
 Now I'm heading back to my Facebook Group to enjoy all the gorgeous centres that are being created - the range of fabrics and effects are stunning.
Hope is a gorgeous blooming applique design, perfect for beginners. You can start this quilt anytime as a BOM or purchase the pattern outright. Simply click the image to learn more. 

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