Wednesday 27 June 2018

WOW: Rolling Up!

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
So this here roll of paper doesn't look like much.. but it's a world of creativity to me! I design so much that I rely on rolls of paper to get it all down. Butcher paper to be precise. This is a standing order in my house - it's 1.215m wide x 500 metres long and the paper is 40gsm which is half the usual thickness of printing paper. It's perfect for designing.
This roll is 30kgs and it's waiting by the door where it was dropped off (upside down too as you can see!). My DH will move it into my studio later when he gets home. I use this paper to get my initial designs down in real life size. I then photograph and document the design process. Then, when I'm happy, I start transferring my original designs onto artists paper for long term storage. I actually keep all my designs archived in folios by year. I think it's so important to have a process. I know lots of designers work straight on screens now, but I'm old school. It all starts from a process that begins with sketching by hand over several drafts before I even consider sitting behind a screen.

Everyone works in the way that suits them and this is the way I like the most. I love being able to physically step back and see stages and developments in a design, it's a rewarding step that creates an important part of every design 'story'. I go through so much paper during my designing that I have to dispose of all my waste paper directly at a facility - there's no way my output would fit into our standard 'domestic' recycling bins! Well OK, my husband does that bit. I guess that's the price he has to pay for living with a designer :)

What's Your WOW?


  1. I used to use butcher paper by the roll for making window treatment patterns, all those swags and jabots and such. So very handy! Do you draw your beautiful designs totally freehand, Esther, or do you use some kind of drawing tools or templates? Your shapes are so smooth and symmetrical. When I draw flowers, they look like someone stepped on them in the garden... :-)

  2. Oh wow. That was interesting definitely. I also wonder how you find time to do, get it all ready for us and then try them on fabric too. Is your day made up of more than 24 hours!!!!

  3. Nice to know how you work! This paper roll is impressive!!

  4. I didn't know what your process was but it is definitely working for all of us! Thank you!


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