Saturday 2 June 2018

'Queen's Garden' by Jenny Henry

WOW! You might already know and admire Jenny Henry, she's a Moderator in my Facebook BOM Group and has delighted most of us with her stunning quilts. Jenny is prolific and whatever she makes is swoon worthy. Somehow, Jenny has an eye for fabrics. I say 'somehow' because it's a marvel to me that her choices are always so good. I can't boast of the same talent, so I just admire Jenny and give credit where it's due.
How fabulous is her Queen's Garden?
I think this combination of fabrics simply sparkle. I love it. 
Now the Queen's Garden BOM is not actually finished and all these Parts are not yet available. But as a Moderator, getting patterns ahead of time is a perk and I do encourage all the Moderators to show off their work, even when it's ahead of schedule, because it's so inspiring to see.
And the other thing is, if you type 'Jenny Henry" in my search bar, multiple posts will come up of Jenny's quilts that I have shown off over the years. Like I said, Jenny is prolific and inspiring. I genuinely wonder how she gets so much work done. I don't know how she does it, I'm just glad she does. Thanks for allowing me to show off your work Jenny, it makes my day when I can see my designs created by such a talented quilter.

Queen's Garden is my current free BOM
Yes, it's completely free.
We are currently up to Part 6
Jenny has finished her Queen's Garden quilt because she is a Moderator and gets patterns early. 
The complete pattern is not available, it is being released in parts. 

You can download all missed parts and catch up right now, it's not too late to join.
Parts are downloaded from my BOM Group on Facebook (image above).


  1. Beautiful work Jenny and a lovely pattern to use.

  2. Oh I am so glad you shared this. It helps to have some finished quilts to draw inspiration. The bright flowers and the subdued soft blocks around them has me rethinking.
    Such a beautiful quilt Jenny.

  3. Jenny's fabric choices are always spot on. She's such an inspiration!

  4. WOW is right, Jenny has made a beautiful quilt!!! I love looking at her postings.

  5. How did you make the tiny red windmill for the topmost part of the flower? Thank you!


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