Saturday 30 June 2018

'Pomegranate' by Ingrid Slatta

'Pomegranate' is a wall hanging and Ingrid has made hers beautifully. You know I'm rather partial to a red and white combination (it's the same I made my own Pomegranate in) and Ingrid's is especially striking. I love her choice of quilting, the straight lines enhance the curves of the vase and flowers.

It's a real treat to see how quilter's have made up any of my patterns and an inspiration to browse through and enjoy all the creativity and talent expressed in each finished project. Have you made my Pomegranate pattern? If so, I'd love to see it!

Here are my blog posts related to this gorgeous wall hanging:

------------------------------------------- Open Quilt Gallery------------------------------------------- 
Thanks to Ingrid Slatta for sharing her finished quilt pics with us all to take inspiration from. If you'd like to see more finished quilts made from any of my patterns, visit my Open Gallery. It's a place for all quilters who make any of my quilts to show off their creations in a central online gallery. It's new and I hope you'll join us by adding your own quilt there. Submitting your quilt pics is easily done via an upload screen directly on my website. Clear here now if you'd like to submit your own quilt.

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