Monday 12 March 2018

BOM 2018: Morning Glory Part 3

In Part 3 it's time to make the 16 x Log Cabin blocks. I love the simple heritage of these blocks and  they really shine in this quilt - the mix of all the gorgeous main fabrics coming together just zings.
Simple but highly effective 
Once I had prepped my pieces, I turned my afternoon into a Log Cabin Production Line..
To make sure my blocks didn't grow, I drew a 5.5 inch square on my mini ironing board. My mini ironing board is simply a wooden board that I cover in layers of freezer paper by ironing them down on top of each other. 

When I'm creating something specific, like this production line, I draw the template down on the freezer paper before ironing it. Then, when I'm finished, I simply tear away that freezer paper sheet and iron down a new sheet. I also do this in-between applique sessions that use glue to keep my ironing board spotlessly clean. It works for me!

Morning Glory is my current paid BOM. It's an applique and pieced quilt. 

You can start this BOM today! 

Simply click the quilt image to learn more.


  1. Great tip abut the mini ironing board. It's just what I need to do. Thanks for sharing.
    Your log cabin blocks are stunning with the beautiful colors. Great fabric choices.

  2. I am going to try making a square to make sure my log cabins don't grow. This is such a great idea and I hate log cabin blocks since I can never get them to the right size. Thanks so much for this great tip! Much appreciated!!!

  3. FABULOUS tip about marking your square on freezer paper on your ironing board!! I wasted money on one of those mini ironing boards that comes with a grid preprinted on the canvas, but when I checked it against a ruler it was not accurate.

  4. Esther what a GREAT tip on using the freezer paper wish Id though of this would have saved me lots of sheets and pillow cases LOL I use old pillow cases to draw my blocks on but freezer paper is the way to go now. Ch
    Cheers Glenda


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