Monday 5 March 2018

BOM 2018: Morning Glory Bird Details

I love it how these applique shapes take on their own personality as you make them, they end up being proper little characters. I can just about hear this bird chirping with glee. I have a lot of noisy birds in my backyard and I think it's really influenced a lot of my designs. 
 Everyone always wants to see the back of my work, so here it is.
I use Floriani Stitch N Wash Fusible and turn the edges using Elmer's Glue and a manicure stitch. 

If you'd like to read more about my applique techniques, I have a link to all my Applique posts and you can find it on the top banner of this blog page. 
 Glue it into place using liquid stitch
 This is the back of my embroidery stitch for the feet
 and this is what the front looks like.
As the eye fell right on a polka dot, I didn't make a separate circle piece to enhance this area which is what I usually do, I simply pulled a knot for the eye
 and these are my birdy feet in position on the stem

Morning Glory is my current paid BOM. It's an applique and pieced quilt. 

You can start this BOM today! 

Simply click the quilt image to learn more.


  1. Thank you for showing the back side, Esther! So, you are using Elmer's glue and Floriani Stitch n Wash to turn the edges, but what is that Liquid Stitch glue that you're using to baste your prepped applique to your block background? The bottle says it's permanent -- that means that it will not wash out of the finished quilt, doesn't it? Just curious as to why you are not using a washaway glue like Elmer's or Roxanne's Glue Baste It for that step instead of the permanent glue?

  2. Hi Esther~
    I was wondering if you could let me know how the appliqué holds up when you wash your quilts? Do you do anything special to prevent your appliqués from unravelling? Thank you so much!


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