Wednesday 21 June 2017

WOW: New Projects

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays 
I've finally got a grip on my vertigo and am feeling back in the swing of things. Thanks so much for all your comments and suggestions here, on Facebook and via email. It all helped. I'd never had vertigo before and when I woke up with it one morning, I thought I must be having a stroke. It was so sudden and debilitating, I really thought it was something serious. Finding out it was just a crystal in the ear put it all into perspective.

I'm still in shock to find out that almost everyone I meet has suffered from it themselves. Who knew it was so common? I felt much better knowing I wasn't alone when I read through the comments, thanks for letting me know how you dealt with it, it put me on the right track.

I ended up following several head twisting protocols on YouTube before finding one that cleared the crystals away by leaning forward (video here) and have been feeling almost back to normal. A few times I suffered dizziness whilst out and about during the day, so sitting down and moving my head side to side got that under control too. Phew! What a lot of fuss!
Anyhow, back to quilting. This week I've been enjoying my morning coffees outside with a few colourful visitors peeking through the leaves. Usually Glenda (our Moderator over in my Group) has lots of exotic things to show us from her corner in tropical QLD, but down my way this is a real treat!

I've been making scallops in my spare time for my Shelly quilt. Finding my Shelly pattern was a real treasure as I found some other patterns I thought I had misplaced and I can't wait to share them with you. Next up, the other design I was working on before my vertigo lull, Koi Garden is now back in full focus. My DD spotted it the other day and would like it as a wall hanging in her home. So I'll be making it as an art quilt and am getting my supplies together for another adventure.

Stay tuned!

What's Your WOW?


  1. so glad you are feeling better Esther I will check out the video in case it ever happens to me. You are so right Glenda always has such pretty exotic bugs and plants to share - I love looking at them.

  2. Oh dear - what a terrible thing to experience. So pleased you are feeling a little better now. Did you find out what set the episode off?

  3. Nice to know you're back in the pink! I've never experienced vertigo however my friend had a bout last year and I remember her telling me her doctor advised one way of helping to avoid or at least minimize the risk is by always keeping your head up when bending down to pick up things. She's been fine since so probably worth the effort. I've been doing it, too, just to be on guard! LOL! :) Stay well, Esther!

  4. Hi Esther! I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. I have a friend that deals with vertigo every day - it never goes away. Thankfully, the few times I have had it, it was pressure behind my ears. What beautiful friends you have joining you for coffee. ~smile~

  5. Thank you for posting the video. I was in a car accident (we now call it 'the day I was hit in the head')
    I was introduced to the Epley maneuver and didn't know there was another. Every once in a while I have to do the Epley here at home and will keep this other way in my arsenal.

    I consider myself lucky - I kept all my quilting knowledge!


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