Monday 15 May 2017

Diamond Hill: Part 5 is Launched

Diamond Hill is my Current Free BOM for 2017
It runs from Jan - July 2017
You can take part in this BOM by joining my Facebook BOM Group (which is free)
Or by downloading the pattern directly from my blog on the 15th of each month

Members of my BOM Group over on Facebook have access to Part 5 of Diamond Hill via the 'FILES' area of our Group. For those of you not on Facebook, you can download Part 5 right here and right now by clicking the Diamond Hill Part 5 button above. The download (in PDF format) will automatically begin downloading.


  1. Wow, this is pretty! I wish I had 48 hours in every day -- then at least I'd have time to make HALF the projects I would like to tackle! I still haven't gotten a start on Love Entwined, because I still haven't finished the hand applique project that I started before that. I hope there's quilting in heaven, because there's no way I'll be ready to quit just because I'm dead!

  2. Thank you as always, you are a gem!

  3. Thanks Esther, I am going to start this as soon as I finish my daughter's quilt of hearts, Regards Ness


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