Thursday 18 May 2017

Bloggers, Let's Connect & Create !

I've gone ahead and started another blog! 
It's actually a blog for other bloggers to join 
It's called 'Creative Bloggers' and it's now open. 

You simply add you own blog to the creative linky list the best describes your blog. If your particular interest isn't there yet, simply let me know (via the comments on the page) and it can be added. Sounds simple? It is. The site is completely free and it's purpose is to list creative based blogs only. It will be moderated to keep out spammers and inappropriate content, but that's it.

Sometimes it's hard to imagine my creative schedule before blogging. When I started out, I had no idea how much it would become part of my daily routine. Now I just snap images as I work without even thinking about it - I just assume I'll be blogging it.

I've been doing it so long now that I can keep my screen time to a productive minimum without feeling like a slave to the computer.  There's something so satisfying about having a record of work practices at the click of a button.

I did think I would outgrow blogging, but it hasn't happened yet and I doubt it will. In addition to my own blogging habits, there are hundred's of blogs I love to visit each week on a whole range of topics - from gardening to painting to rug making. It really has become a kind of worldwide 'meet up' of creative people sharing what they love.

Blogging has had a huge impact on my creative process - it's kept me accountable to WIPs, reminded me of my progress and most important, it's been the reason why I've met so many wonderful new friends. So, to celebrate creative blogging spaces  I've started up a Blogger's Linky Site devoted to Creative Bloggers. 

So if you're a blogger interesting in finding other creative bloggers, or if you're a keen reader looking for inspiration, go ahead and visit Creative Bloggers!


  1. Congratulations!!! I love this idea, I don't have a blog but I have loved reading all kinds of blogs seeing what other people think and do and it is just AMAZING to me!! the sharing of so much creative input helps everyone! so thank you!! take care from Iowa

  2. Fabulous idea, Esther! I've already linked up and bookmarked the site for future reference. Thank you for doing this!

  3. Oh my Esther, this is so timely for me! I just posted the question on my blog about my reader's Internet usage. I was worried that Blogging was become obsolete. I am happy to hear from my readers and now your great idea, that it is in fact alive and well. Thanks for taking this on. Keep Blogging alive!

  4. What a great idea. I started sewing my own clothes three years ago and a blog about two years ago. I'm going to take a look at the Creative Bloggers.

  5. Great idea Esther. I gave added my blog and look forward to more inspirational blogs.


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