Wednesday 13 July 2016

WOW: Pomegranate Anyone?

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays 
I've been taking many trips down memory lane this past week - you see I've been clearing out my sewing studio and making room to create the space I need to sew a wedding dress (but  more on that in another post!). It's been a good time for me to pull out those patterns that are three quarters finished and create a kind of priority list for my design WIPs. 

I found two Pomegranate wall hangings half completed (not counting the one above which is hanging in my lounge room) and they are really fabulous. I just love finding projects I am still in love with, it's a good sign. Anyhow, I will be releasing the pattern Pomegranate this week after WOW so if you've ever wanted to make it, don't forget to visit on Friday. Once again I will be allowing members to download new patterns to my online shop at the very reduced price of $4.80 for 48 hours - it's a small window that allows anyone who's interested to take part at a discounted price. 

And of course, today I'm working on a rose (what else?) themed wedding quilt which I expect to release next week. It's a busy time in my house and I can't wait to share more with you just as soon as I get to the next step.
What's Your WOW?

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  1. Ooh, I love pomegranates! Not the real life ones so much, but I adore pomegranate applique quilts for some reason. So I am not surprised at all that anyone should have multiple pomegranate projects in progress. CONGRATULATIONS about whoever is going to need that wedding dress! How exciting!


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