Tuesday 5 July 2016

July Glad Tidings!

Happy Christmas in July!
I just received an invite to a dinner party celebrating Christmas in July. What? When did all this happen? It's July already and my head is spinning!Where has the first half of the year got to?! I've been in a bit of a daze since my mother's death and I'm shocked at how quickly the months are rolling by. I had planned on releasing a 'Christmas in July'  pattern, but look at me now, it's already  the 5th and I haven't even looked at the Christmassy side of my folio.
Have You Made It?
Last year I released 'Glad Tidings' as my free end of year pattern set and after Christmas, I released the table runner over on Craftsy for free where it's been downloaded every day since then. Last night I received an email alert like I usually do letting me know how many downloads there have been. Well, there's been a sudden peak in downloads and the totals are now over 6,000!
Do You Love It?
I suppose everyone else is more organised than I am - July is the perfect month to start a festive quilt. And you  know what? As much as I love each piece of Glad Tidings, I haven't even made one for myself! So here's my request, if you've made Glad Tidings (any item) please send me a pic, I'd love to see it all made up :)
Can I see it?!
And if you haven't you still can, the complete table runner is available for free over in my pattern shop.  You can download it by clicking here now. 


  1. Thank you so for the free July Glad Tidings! pattern. I am new to applique and quilting and I just love all of your work. You have encouraged me to do more and do better each time so Thank you again. Coral from Australia

  2. You do beautiful work, love all you do.


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