Wednesday 23 March 2016

WOW: It's Easter Project Time!

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
WIPs are funny things. You work so hard to get a quilt done and then, for no explicable reason, it just doesn't feel finished. Has that ever happened to you? I felt this way about Oma's Blues -so much so that I broke my own 'rule' and re-released it this year as a free BOM, I normally never do this but I just couldn't finish it and then ignore it after so much hard work. I really felt like I didn't do it justice during the first release, so it's getting a whole new lease of life over on Facebook where it has its own Group and blocks are released monthly, for free.
This all gets me thinking about Easter last year. I had just started on my own Oma when I released the 'Oma themed' Easter Project. Well, you know how Oma's Blues is inspired by Delft ware? The City of Delft used my image over on their Facebook page!

Honestly I was so honored and happy to see my little ode to Delft sit right in with the city..but dismayed that they didn't even think to credit my work or image. And then, when it was pointed out to them - they simply deleted the post and ignored the whole thing! It was so strange. All they had to do was acknowledge me as the designed of the image they were showing off and then we could have all been happy - why are the fundamental basics of good manners so hard to impress upon people nowadays?

I can't wait to see Delft myself one of these days, its a dream of mine, and of course, when I do I'll pick up my own Delft ware to pass down to my own daughters. Now, although my Oma is finished and looking beautiful up on the wall, I still haven't finished my Oma Easter WIP! I've really got no excuse given that this is now the second year I am releasing the Easter Applique project. I had thought about using it as am appliqued centre table decoration, or mini wall hanging or cushion...but it's still a WIP. Maybe this year I can finally get around to changing that!

Download this applique project over in my Esther's Blog Quilt BOM Group, or the Oma's Blues Group or if you don't want to go to Facebook, you can CLICK HERE NOW to download it instantly.

What's your WOW This Easter?


  1. I do not understand the lack of acknowledgement either - I designed a quilt several years back that I called Going In Circles - before you know it shortly after I finished it someone else is making one just about exactly the same and naming it the same thing - all they had to do was ask. I never raised a fuss about it, it was not a written out pattern I had just made it up as I went but still it is the point isn't it.

    1. I totally get this. I have several 'copiers' who are always doing what I've done...shortly after I've done it and then acting like it's their own idea. I've learnt to see it as a compliment now, you just can't help some people or their complete lack of understanding.

  2. Thanks for the 'poke' Esther - maybe today I should work on my Oma's Blues before it becomes a UFO!!
    Have a lovely Easter - Cheers Wendy

  3. How very infuriating that people will not be honest and do the right thing by acknowledging someone else's work that they have presented as their own. I love the Easter design and how kind you are to share it with us, Happy Easter and may there be many blessings for you and yours!

  4. Being dutch myself I would like to appologize. Weird that they did not acknowledge you but simply removed the image. Delf itself is a gorgeous town. You will enjoy yourself and around all the other pretty sights in The Netherlands. My personal wow this easter? Beat the flu!

  5. Such a beautiful design! You've done such nice work on it. I am a public school teacher and I feel like teaching respect for copyright is one of the key issues of our time. It is sad how youth, and adults seem to have no conscious regard for it any longer. I've tried my hand at designing some quilt blocks a few times and I'm always concerned that what I think I've designed might actually have been made by someone else before. It can be hard to do a definitive search.


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