Tuesday 1 March 2016

Phew! What a Year Already!

March is upon us and I am stunned at how quickly it seems to have arrived. Easter is now just around the corner. It's been a really busy start to 2016 here on my blog and I can tell you that I can see no signs of that slowing down!
In January I launched Hazel and Little Hazel (and I've got to tell you that there so many being made out there, it makes my head spin!) Over in my BOM Group on Facebook, there are images and styles aplenty to feast your eyes on - from bright and brash to soft and dreamy and they are all completely gorgeous. I can't wait to release Part 3 just so that I can see even more of them!
Also running right now is Oma's Blues over in it's own dedicated Group and, be still my beating heart, there is even one being made in red and white. Yes, can you believe it! How lucky am I? I get to see every possibility without having to live 50 lifetimes to fit it all in!
This Friday and each first Friday of the month, I'll be re-visiting Love Entwined, Part by Part for new makers. There are a lot of you out there and I noticed that you were all asking the same kinds of questions and technique tips that were covered in blog posts the first time around - which most new followers haven't read. So, starting at Part 1, I'll be covering how to make each part. If you've been thinking of making your own historic heirloom, the time is NOW! Join in and make 2016 your year to begin the coverlet.
And let's not forget how deliciously tempting Sweet 2016 has proven to be, it started last month - and the next installment is on the 15th of March. If you haven't joined us in this chic and sweet Mystery - what's stopping you?!

I've only just started, so stick around and be sure to join my Quilt BOM Group over on Facebook.

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