Monday 25 January 2016

Love Entwined: New Subscription Option

In response to requests from new members who have just found Love Entwined and my BOM Group and want a 'pay as you go' option, I have set up a 'Subscription' option for purchasing this pattern. This means you can start any time and will receive a pattern installment each month for just $9.95 per month. To take part, simply visit my online pattern shop, click here to go there now. So now anyone can take part in Love Entwined. What's stopping you?

Don't forget to join my BOM Group - it's where I share all my free patterns with enough variety to suit everyone. Remember, Love Entwined was free back in 2013 and each year I share a new, original pattern with existing members. Join today and you won't miss out on the next free BOM. 

Membership is and always will be free.

I believe that 'givers are receivers', so I always have a current free BOM available - and my version of free never means 'lesser'. All my free patterns have been beautiful, highly popular quilts, even years later. Once a BOM is finished, that's it - it won't be re-released. You can buy any missed blocks over on my website where I have an online pattern shop.

Once you're in my BOM Group, remember that some very popular quilts have split off into specific Groups to explore that individual quilt only. They're still part of the main BOM Group, but focus on single quilts. Right now, Lily Rose, Oma's Blues and Love Entwined have their own extra Groups, so if you're making any of these quilts, be sure to join up and share your work.



  1. Thank you for offering the subscription for LE. I hope to be able to start soon.


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