Thursday 14 January 2016

Join My 'Sweet 2016' Quilt Along

I don't know about you, but I feel like it's time for some serious fun. Of course, my kind of fun involves applique - the delicious kind and I'd really love it if you joined me. This BOM is like nothing I've ever done before and I have to tell you, I'm in love with it! The blocks are accomplishable in just a day or two and focus on enjoyment - I want you to really look forward to the installment each month. This BOM is do-able and gorgeous. Suitable for everyone who's passionate about playing with fabric and ending up with something fabulous to show for all those hours of fabric fun. It's my first Quilt Along and I'm already dreaming about perfect fussy cut patches from my stash.

‘Sweet 2016’ is a choc coated mystery

An Applique Mystery 

Released over 11 months: from February - Dec 2016

The pattern will be emailed to you directly on the 14th of each month

The finished size is 53 x 35 inches—a perfect wall hanging size and trust me, 
this is one quilt you’ll want to show off!

You already have the gorgeous fabrics and a fabulous sense of fun—make sure you get in on the mystery and brighten up your month, each month!

And that’s all I’m going to say about. It is a mystery, after all!

Sweet 2016 starts on February 14th which is the perfect start date for this gorgeous project


  1. Have signed up and am raring to go! xx

  2. Sure sounds like fun Esther.

  3. We a BEE in the Netherlands names "Mrs. Beeans" hebben ons aangemeld. De betaling gaat via A.C. van Driel. Kunt u ons laten weten of het gelukt is met de aanmelding?

  4. How do you purchase the pattern monthly? The link takes me to Paypal, and once logged in, to my own account. But no shopping cart or subscription entry anywhere.

  5. You sure have us all guessing Esther, sounds like a lot of fun though. May be lots of circles and hearts LOL Cheers Glenda


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