Tuesday 26 January 2016

Hazel: Playing With Kaffee Colour

I know I said I wasn't going to make Hazel, but it looks like I've changed my mind.
I think it's the Fassett fabics that finally swayed me. That and making the samples - now that I'm making samples to show members how to make the blocks each month, it seems silly to stop. So, I've just been carrying on..

Do I have time for this? No I really don't. Have I found time to squeeze it in? Yes I have so far and now that I'm this far down, it looks like I will complete the top. I really didn't want to - I have other BOMs waiting in the wings that need my attention. But the Fassetts have been calling me and I couldn't resist. At least I'm using stash fabrics. And now the idea of having a Fassett around the house really appeals so I can't wait to finish!

What do you think of this blue? I thought it was a great zinger at first, but after having it on my wall for a few hours, changed my mind. It just clashed too much. I wanted a calm blue enthused quilt. I think the pattern really calls out for floaty fabrics and dreamy colours. But not my Hazel.
And the funny thing is, I didn't want a green quilt. I just didn't. And now it's happened and I love it. I really think it's gorgeous now. You can see these Fassett greens below just work so much better.
I'm still planning on using the stripes again for the corners. But you never know. Lately, I've changed my attitude about selecting quilt fabrics. I let the quilts decide up on my design wall. If it pleases my eye after a few hours (or days) on my wall, it stays. If it doesn't 'look right', then it has to go. This used to cause me so much anguish - especially after I painstakingly purchased so many specific fabrics with quilts in mind.
Still, I think this scheme is going to stick now and I can't wait for next month when I release the next block. I have loved Hazel from the moment I designed it, it just 'felt' right, but now I'm making it, I love it even more. I didn't think I'd be as keen about a pieced quilt, but I am and it's a really nice surprise.

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  1. Esther I love your colour selections and must admit that I liked the blue as it made the green pop and float as well. I am not as talented as you are, but have followed your posts and patterns for some time now and love each and every one of them. Your talent is only .equal to the amount of time you lovingly devout to others. You are one special lady

  2. I like your green version better - the blue like you - something just doesn't look right with it, it stands out too much - now that I see it in this color version I am saving the blocks for the small quilt and might make it - I wasn't sure at first if I liked it but I think it is just the colors you show in the pattern that didn't go over for me.

  3. if you could join back into your facebook group - somehow I deleted myself when I was reorganizing some things on my facebook - I just clicked the button to join again

  4. This is going to be one luscious Hazel.

  5. What a gorgeous start! Love how you describe the way this quilt is calling so adamantly for you to make it.:)

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