Monday 7 December 2015

Yuletide Time

Well I'm behind with the festivities and decorations, but I don't mind. I'm doing Christmas at my own pace. In fact, I'm still working away at a few Christmas projects and I don't mind that either. There used to be a time when I felt that I just had to have the tree up and spice biscuits out on December 1st. But I've mellowed since then and now just unfurling my rolled up 12 Days of Christmas wall hanging, above, feels like Christmas time to me!

I've been undecided regarding my tree options and given that it's already the 7th of the month and I don't feel bothered either way, I think that once again this year we will go with a small table top sized tree. This photo below was taken this morning in my garden. It's held up remarkably well since last year, I really didn't think it would make it, but it has. And it's green (greener than it looks in this photo) and there are no dead bits, so I'm happy with bringing it indoors. I've started hosing it down thoroughly to dislodge any insects and tonight I'll pop it in the shower where it can acclimatize to indoors overnight. And that will give any insects a chance to crawl out as well.
Of course, the most important plant for me each Christmas is a beautiful poinsettia and as I don't have any of these in the house yet, I will probably buy some this week when I get a chance. I love to have them all over the house and all the pots from last year (all 8 of them) died throughout the year which was really disappointing as I had hoped to keep them to bring back inside, but they never last.

Perhaps I should try to keep them indoors all the time? Someone told me they're popular in shopping center interiors as they make good houseplants - which I thought they weren't, so I'll have to investigate this further as I'd really love to have them inside all the year.
My geraniums (another favorite of mine) also didn't fare too well this past year. I will have to take more care in the year ahead, I've really neglected my herbs. flowered pots and hanging baskets and am paying the price as I really miss them. I suppose I've been too distracted with my indoor pursuits. I'll take the few days after Christmas to give my plants some love and nurturing to set them up for the year ahead.

Is your tree up? What plants do you love to have around your home Christmas time?


  1. no my tree isn't up, I've been getting lazier about Christmas as the years go by. I used to want it up by December 5th at least - we are talking about putting things up this weekend. i will most likely start bringing in a little at a time from the workshop - last year I just took a few things out of the boxes and carried them in little by little instead of whole boxes

  2. I love a poinsettia at Christmas, too. I was very surprised to see them growing as large shrubs in Egyptian gardens when I visited there about 30 years ago.

  3. I don't put up a large tree ~ I'm afraid the cats will try to climb it! I put out a few small trees and lots of snowmen. I'm working on two Christmas quilts ~ one a lap quilt, the other a Raggy Pine Tree wall quilt (with hand stitchery).


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