Wednesday 23 December 2015

WOW: Glad Tidings Progress

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
This year's free Christmas Project 'Glad Tidings' was released to my Yahoo BOM Group which has over 5500 members now. And, as well as our Yahoo Group I decided to release it for free on Craftsy and am happy to report that's been downloaded more than 1'900 times so far. Not bad, eh? This is really exciting for me because the more quilts being made out there, the more likely I am to get to see them, and I always love that. It was a beautiful surprise to see Gail Smith's Red December earlier in the week (it's been a while since I'd even thought about that quilt first designed in 2011) and seeing it again really made my day.

I wonder how many of you will be stopping by today? I imagine you're all getting ready for Christmas. I have the day set aside to tidy the house, make room in the fridge and put the last load of washing on before the big day. I'm looking forward to taking it easy and letting my DDs take care of all the cooking.

What's Your WOW?


  1. Neat quilt Esther and so kind of you to have it free on Craftsy. I love the Red December on your sidebar that is so pretty -Merry Christmas to you

    1. Thanks so much Karen, wishing you a family focused Christmas and holidays

  2. What a beautiful quilt design and so generous of you
    Merry Christmas....enjoy!

  3. Hi Esther, I wanted to say happy Christmas and how much I enjoyed being with you all year! LeeAnna

  4. Merry Christmas Esther and THANK YOU for a wonderful year of sharing through your WOW or WIP's every week. I have made some wonderful online friends whom I chat to most Wednesdays now. Many many thanks for the lovely FREE quilt designs you have shared. I did not quiet finish my LE centre but did achieve to finish the last flower arrangement so I'm happy. Cheers Glenda


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