Tuesday 15 December 2015

Red December by Gail Smith

'Red December' by Gail Smith
quilted by Angela McCorkle

So many people ask me what Red December looks like? Good question! Luckily it's one Gail Smith can answer - here is her gorgeous version. Isn't it just stunning?!

My blog readers are the best. Here I was sitting down to read my emails when a lovely hello came in from Gail, who duly informed me that she had finished my quilt pattern Red December, and would I like to see it? Well of course I did! 

My own Red December is on a chair waiting to be quilted. It's been there for a few years actually. In the meantime, I went ahead and made a Red December table cloth for Christmas as well as a matching cushion that was printed in a magazine. Oh I do love it and seeing it all made up here makes me love it all over again :) 
I might even take a moment now to imagine that my own is finished and is as gorgeous as Gail's...
It's easy to imagine as she followed my original scheme of (what else?) red and white.
I've always loved this pattern and must admit that I haven't done it justice because I haven't been able to show it off here on my blog. I think that sometimes, even when you design a quilt and share that design, until people can see the finished quilt, it can be hard to imagine just how beautiful it is. I always knew Red December was a beauty, and now I can prove it! Thanks so much Gail. You've really made my day. It's a real pleasure of mine to share my work and I really appreciate it when people take the time to share what they've made back with me. 

Thank you :) 

Red December was released for free in December 2011 as the yearly Christmas Project.


  1. Gail Smith, I do hope you will read these comments as it is to you I say well done!!!! And am mesmerized by how beautiful the applique is and the quilting is stunning as well. I have enjoyed seeing this beauty and I know you and your family will enjoy it for generations to come. Well Done.

  2. What a wonderful quilt! There is something about the contrast in blue and white that just captivates the eye. Equally though that red and white was just lovely too. Talented quilters for sure!

  3. Beautiful pattern, applique and quilting. What wonderful workmanship!

  4. WOW how stunning is that quilt , how beautiful the quilting is, such a joy to see Red December made and quilted too. Fabulous to see a red and white quilt and a blue and white quilt. Think how stunning they would look hung side by side at a show. Cheers Glenda

  5. Hello, I love this quilt!! Is the pattern still available to purchase? I am unable to find it.


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