Tuesday 25 August 2015

Oma's Blues: My Centre Plate

I suddenly realized as I photographed my centre, that I inversed my diamond plate edge. 
The white area should be dark and vice versa! How did I get that the wrong way around?!
I do think a dark plate edge would be more effective, but I've already decided that I'm not going to re-do it, so I will think about outlining it with a dark blue stitch - possibly. When I get the borders on, I'll look at it for a while and decide on the overall feel. Right now, I can't get over it, and my eyes are glued to the ring of white which should be blue. What a strange oversight. I just don't know what to say...
Even so, I am so in love with Oma's Blues that this error doesn't bother me as much as it possibly should! My Delft inspired quilt is really taking shape now and I can't wait to finish and show you my quilt top!
Oma's Blues is my current FREE BOM. 
You can still join this free BOM right now - all parts are available over in my Group.


  1. I think it looks good both ways, but I know what you mean sometimes it is hard to believe how we reverse colors after looking at selections so many times -- It is a beautiful piece

  2. That is the sort of thing I do but it still looks wonderful.

  3. I just love what you've done!

  4. Woow, a wonderful work....

    LG Klaudia

  5. Still a very striking circle! I think it is just lovely.

  6. It looks so wonderful, I can't wait til I'll have time for my Omas Blues...


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