Monday 24 August 2015

Oma's Blues: Making the Decorative Flourishes

Although these plate flourishes were in Part 1 of the pattern, I took much longer to finally get mine done! Here is the finished flourish, I opted for fussy cutting and contrasting blues. Later I'll hand embroider the swirls that you can see peeking through the background fabric. 
 You can see my fusible method here, with my pieces ready and prepped 
often I use a light box to layer my applique shapes, but this pattern is simple so I just layered it visually by referring to the pattern sheet
 I use basting glue to keep my completed applique shape in position on the background fabric until I'm ready to sew it down
  I use 'just enough' glue to firmly keep my applique in position
even so, I sometimes find that 'lumps' can occur, so I have a trusty little quilting hammer which I use to bash unruly fabric soft again. My banging has sent my poor DH to answer to door quite a few times whilst hammering tough applique so I think I must get quite carried away at the end of a hard days applique-ing!
Oma's Blues is my current FREE BOM. 
You can still join this free BOM right now - all parts are available over in my Group.


  1. Those are gorgeous! You have such a knack for choosing the right fabric.

  2. Wow Esther! You are on a roll! Beautiful work. I can't wait to see the finished quilt. It is going to be a stunner!

  3. Esther, what kind of fusible are you using? I have used Sharon Schamber's, & Piece o Cake is now advertising theirs. One can get too many of these stabilizers! I'd like to know what you recommend. Thanks so much. Angelia (


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